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Online Romance Dating Secret Friends Guide

Online Romance Is Perfect For Long Distance Relationships

By George Stenhouse

Online romance usually takes place between two people communicating online. They may be on a dating chat channel, or exchanging emails and probably living at a long distance. This form of communication is the only way to meet.

They may be living in different cities, or in different countries and an online romance is the only chance to communicate. Eventually they will decide to meet on a physical date, but precautions must be taken to avoid disappointment.

These precautions include meeting in a public place, bringing a trusted friend along for the first meeting.

The beginning is the online communication leading to an online romance and with mutual consent, the relationship progresses to a physical meeting.

Despite the fact that most people will deny it, there are more and more people becoming involved with an online romance.

It may begin as something casual and perhaps no one is actually seeking a romance, but it happens. Some people readily seek an online romance in hopes that it will lead to the "real deal".

There are lots of sites that are established for the sole purpose of getting people involved in online romances.

Thrilling and Exciting

An online romance can be thrilling and incredibly exciting. Married people who sometimes find their lives a bit boring may find safety and enjoyment in starting an online romance.

Suddenly, they can have a relationship with another person, online, that their spouse doesn’t know about. Technically, having an online romance isn’t cheating... or is it?

May strengthen a marriage

Many will say that, no, it is not cheating and not harmful. Those same people say that it can actually strengthen a marriage that is on the rocks. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but who am I to say? I’ve never had an online romance.

There are many couples that are separated right now because of being overseas in the military or simply long distance relationships when they go to separate colleges.

Long distance online romance

In those cases, those relationships turn into an online romance. A co-worker of mine has a husband that has been in Iraq for 10 months now. They send each other emails and chat online almost every day and exchange photos weekly.

She said that they have actually grown closer through having an online romance because it is strictly talking. They can say anything they want to each other and pour their hearts out.

She said that the online romance has made her marriage more sacred to her than on the day that they exchanged their vows. Her husband agrees. He has two more months to go before coming home.

Before he left, she wasn’t sure that their marriage would survive being separated for an entire year. She had emailed him long and emotional emails telling him all of her fears, and to her delight, he opened up and showed her new interesting sides of him.

Online dating sites

If you’re looking for an online romance, don’t hesitate to try some of the online dating sites. Exercise precaution though - the world isn’t as safe as we tend to think and want it to be.

Only place your dating profile on a dating website run by a respectable dating agency so that you will not get unsolicited contacts. Read their terms and conditions.

A reputable agency will give you details of people trying to contact you and its up to you if you wish to contact them. This is to protect you against unwanted harassment or stalkers and other people you do not wish to meet.

No one thinks that bad things will happen to them, but they can. And they do. Get to know someone before agreeing to meet. Go on an online chat room, exchange emails, talk to them on the phone. A voice can say a lot about a person.

When you go on a first date, bring someone with you and meet in a public place. This is to ensure that the person is not the date from hell.

Marriage and Online Romance

If you’re married and looking for an online romance, I suggest you focus on fixing your marriage before doing anymore damage.

You may treat your wife to a date and see if you can start again. There may be an easy solution. Request advice from the dating site and your friends, to see how they fixed up their marriage problems.

The solution may be easy and all you need is to make time together and be prepared to compromise for the sake of your marriage and family. Quite often marriages fail due to inability to communicate and the fast pace of working families where both parents are breadwinners.

Make time and talk to each other. The solution may be as simple as that.

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