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Online Relationships And Avoiding Dating Scams

By George Stenhouse

Online relationships develop over time spent text chatting, exchanging emails, video chatting and talking on the phone. Many dating sites offer facilities to members, to develop their relationships. These facilities may include, video webchat, message services, dating profiles and other dating facilities.

As the internet has become more popular, many people find it easier to go online and find a date from the comfort of their home, rather than go to a noisy bar and hope to pick up a date for the night.

Online dating has its hazards. There are scammers online who want to steal your identity and empty out your bank account, without your authorisation. This is why you need to be careful and review your options, before you give out your personal and private information.

Do Not Give Out Your Real Name Online

There are steps you can take to ensure that you are not the next victim of a dating scam. First and foremost, do not give your real name online. You can reveal your identity to your date after you get to know her a little better. After you build your confidence, you are sure of her details and know she is not a scam artist.

Personal information like your email address and phone number, should not be published online. An option to consider, is to use a free email address like Hotmail, in order to receive email, to ensure unsolicited email is not coming directly to your personal email address.

Placing Your Dating Profile Online

Once you become a member of a dating site, you need to attract offers for dates. Your first step is to place your profile on the site, to attract people to you, in order to start online relationships.

But you need to be careful with the information you place with your profile, as millions of people can see all your information. You need to ensure your personal information is not used by scammers.

Placing Your Images With Your Profile

When placing your images with your online dating profile, you need to include relaxed images that will portray you as an interesting and adventurous person. Including pictures where you are wearing little clothing may attract the wrong crowd, like cyber-stalkers.

Before you start an online relationship, you should confirm these people live in your town and not thousands of miles away. If you are looking to finally meet them, you want to be sure you do not have to pay an airfare and accommodation, just for a date.

Preparing For Surprises

When you are meeting for your first date, you may be disappointed when she does not look anything like she did online, and the entire communication process was a ploy to steal your money or personal information.

If you know the person you are talking to, is local, then you can arrange to go on dates with her - but you must ensure that you go to a public place with lots of people around and in the daytime. You may even consider bringing a friend along, just in case you need to be rescued from the date from hell.

Driving To Your Date

Another option is to drive yourself on the first few times you meet, so you can leave as quickly as possible, if you do not feel comfortable with the date. A further option is to ask your friends to come along to a social event you can participate, to meet her for the first time. Your loved ones can evaluate her and tell you about warning signs you may not have seen.

If you are looking to start looking for a date for the first time, there are dating sites that will ask you to complete a compatibility or personality test and then inform you of possible matches online. You can even search for members of a dating site who are in your age group, living in your local town and available to start online relationships.

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