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Online Love In Online Communities

By Natalie Glass

Online love can be found while visiting dating sites, chat sites or any other site where you can communicate online.

You may find someone who is compatible with your needs and they have been looking for you, while you have been looking for online love.

Deceptive People Lie About Their Identity

You can meet your next life friend, soul mate or penpal while looking for online love. You should also be on guard against deceptive people, like people who lie about their age, gender, employment, marriage and relationship status. There are people who go to teen sites and pretend to be teens.

The online community is a reflection of general society. Most people online are quite honest, just be on the lookout for the dishonest ones.

Spending Time Online

There is something addicting about spending time online. While most aren’t outright addicted, many are choosing to stay home more than they used to, so they can play on the Internet.

Without thinking about it, they are making it harder and harder to meet people with whom they may want to start a relationship. This is becoming common, and many are finding online love. It started out as something no one talked about, but some many are meeting online and getting together that it has become big business.

Find Your Husband Online

I know quite a few people who have found online love, and that love has proven to be true. One girl met her husband–to–be online, and we were planning our weddings at the same time. It’s now been six years and they are still as happy as they have ever been.

Granted, six years is not a long time, but when it comes to something as new as online love, it seems to be promising. More and more are dating this way because so many others have had so much success. The perfect man or woman might not be living right next door, but they might be a state away.

Some People Are Less Than Honest

The biggest problems with finding online love is that some on the Internet are less than honest about many things. Some lie about their age. Though this has been going on forever, it is much easier to do online, and can be a huge problem. Others lie about appearance and about how much money they make. Some even lie about gender.

There are also some looking for online love that will lie about their intentions. They may not be looking for something serious but they might pretend that they are just to get someone to go out with them. It ends up being very frustrated for the person on the other end of the line.

Be Honest About Everything

If you really want to find online love, be honest about everything. Use your real picture, and make sure it is a current one. You want to find someone who loves you for who you really are, not who you wish you were.

Honesty is important in both online love, and with the person you may have flirted with at the grocery store. If you lie, you aren’t going to get very far in any relationship. If you find someone has been dishonest with you, it will be up to you to decide if they are the right person for you after all.

It usually depends on the extent of the deception, but could you really trust someone who has been lying all along? Most people simply can’t, and you probably can’t either.

A True Story

There was a friend who was chatting online to another person for over a year. She thought he was a man and arranged to meet him at Heathrow airport in London. He was going to take her to see all the sights in London town. She turns up at the airport and he was not there. She gets a message that he had a heart attack and died.

After her disappointment, she does some research on the internet and chats to others on the chat channels. She finds out that this man is actually a woman living in Canada.

The moral in this true story is to always check the background of the person you are chatting and review your options carefully, before you make a financial commitment like plane tickets to an overseas rendezvous. You can always chat to other people on the chat channels and you will find a mine of information.

Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open

Be honest and and keep your eyes and ears open for honest and dishonest people online. If you find they are dishonest, then see if there is a reason, or move on to someone else. There are millions of people online looking for online love.

There is bound to be someone looking for you, while you are looking for them. These people may be living in your neighborhood, in another part of town, interstate or even overseas.

Just be on the lookout for someone you feel compatible and you will find online love.

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