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Online Dating Tips For A Successful Date

By George Stenhouse

Online dating tips are available from a number of dating agencies. A lot of these agencies have their own dating website and include lots of online dating tips.

Tips include how to present yourself online, placing a dating profile on a dating website, flirting, online chat channels, exchanging emails. A lot of this advice is also available on this website.

Isolated From All The Other Kids

Initially, I got my dating tips from my dad.

My parents meant well, but in some ways they have really made social development difficult for me. You see, I was home-schooled as a kid, and kind of isolated from all the rest of the kids my age.

I never got to hang out with the neighborhood girls growing up, or to go to parties.

Dating Tips From Dad

When I had my first date – at the age of 16 – my dad gave me some simple dating advice. He told me that as long as you are polite to a girl and really act like a gentleman, it will always be easy to meet nice young ladies.

Needless to say, his dating tips did not serve me well in life. I had little experience to go on when I got to college and wanted to go out and dating girls.

Meaningful Relationship Advice

What was worse, I did not know where to go for dating tips. Most of the boys were eager to give out a dating tip to anyone who would listen, but they were always pretty crude about it.

They had dating tips for men that basically all centered around how to get a girl to let you spend the night. I wasn’t really interested in that kind of relationship, but I could not find meaningful relationship advice.

Everyone Is An Expert

The problem is that everyone wants to feel like an expert on matters of love. Everyone will offer you dating tips whether or not you ask.

Whether it was my roommate commenting on the shirts that I would wear when I went out on dates, or my best friend talking about what movie we should go to, I could not find many people who did not have something to say.

I still could not find any dating tips that I trusted, and now I was overwhelmed with a lot of advice that I had to review and did not want.

Dating Advice Column

I tried writing into a dating advice column, but that did me no good. They would not answer my question as it was not racy enough. Finally, I gave up on dating tips.

I knew that whatever I learned about love and romance I would have to learn myself. It took me some time to figure out how to meet women, but I did figure it out. It turns out that, once you are no longer afraid to talk to them, it is easy.

I finally went to an online dating agency and read their dating tips on their website. It was revealing and eye opening.

Dating Mistakes To Avoid

For example, they advised on dating mistakes you should avoid. Like, be a good listener and respond to whatever your date says and look at her eyes to see if she is genuine. If she is looking away while you are talking to her, then she may not be interested. But if she is attentive and responds to everything you say, then she adores you.

Other tips include to be honest about yourself and do not say things about yourself that you are not. If you are plumber and you say you are a stockbroker and she finds out you know nothing about the stock market, then you have lost her.

Be Willing To Compromise

Another tip is to not expect perfection. You are not perfect, so don’t expect her to be perfect. Be willing to compromise and see if there other aspects about your date that you find appealing.

Also, do not be aggressive or show any form of hostility. The aim is to impress each other with your personality and if you don’t get on, just say goodnight and then read some more dating profiles on the dating website and see if you can get another date.

There are lots of available women out there waiting to meet me.

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