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Online Dating Strategies For More Physical Dates With Women

By Jason Reed

The concept of online dating strategies has completely changed the way people date. It has given matchmakers, like dating sites, the opportunity of becoming virtual and more open, and this has really taken off.

Dating sites, give men and women the opportunity to approach each other in a safe and harassment-free manner. How to actually go about it, and what they do then is completely different in many respects to what happened before online dating.

A reason for the change is that a woman approaching a man, was completely new and mysterious. Thanks to online dating strategies, the first dating experience is an online conversation after you read and review a dating profile.

The First Date And Sharing Time Together

The first date has changed dramatically as well, ranging from romantic wooing to a personal interview, which is really what it is.

Coffee dates have become very popular in the last decade, because it is quick, cheap and effective to make sure the person you met online is all she seems, before investing time, emotions and money into their real story.

Basic Concepts Of Internet Dating

Some people do not understand all these dating concepts. Many see online dating as dealing with courtship rituals. To understand this point, let’s take a look at the development level of an internet dating relationship.

It starts with an email or instant message, and then online chatting. Video web cam chat is a popular concept that allows people to see each other online and helps to ensure safer online dating before a physical date.

Chatting Online Before A Date

If you talk to a couple of friends, you will find that this process can take a good couple of weeks. It may last even longer. Some online couples go so far as to chat online for a year or more.

Often it is because women are ashamed to meet in person, or they are simply too shy to ask. They may also be worried, they will disappoint the man on their first date.

Making The First Move

In the latter case, the man should really just make the first move. If the woman is putting up the block, then the man should not be afraid to activate a more robust plan, but maintain a friendly approach.

The problem with online relationships is that the meeting in person, should it occur at any time, and will be filled with stress and tension.

Do Not Believe Everything You See Online

More often than not, the relationship will fail, as the man has had so much time to create a false image of the woman, and knowing only her online or by phone personality. And vice versa. The fact is, some people are not themselves in these situations.

They are, a version of themselves. This is not because of the lies, but because of nature. Some people like to pretend they are someone else online.

Arranging A Physical Date

How can one avoid this, then? To be cautious with online dating. The rule of thumb is to meet women online, but after a period of time, meet her in person.

The average duration of the online portion of your relationship to the exclusion of online chats you do after the meeting, should not be more than a week, especially if you live in the same town. If you live in other cities or different countries, then the online portion of the beginning of your relationship should not last more than one month, before your first physical date.

If this seems too forward, the best strategy would be, to honestly explain your reasons for a quick meeting, and the woman will probably understand your online dating strategies.

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Jason Reed is an author of dating articles including Anniversary Gift Ideas, Anniversary Presents, Anniversary Wishes, Friendship Rings, Successful Online Dating, Search For People.
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More Dating Facts....

What is the whole deal with internet dating?
Many people find that the internet is a fast way to connect with many people. It is probably less expensive than going to bars looking for that special someone. Most websites allow you to customize your search, thus eliminating people you think might not be best suited for you. There are also websites that are based on important issues such as religion, sexuality or even age and ethnic groups.

I always thought that finding a date on the internet or through a personal ad was for someone afraid to get out. Is this true?It might be true for a small minority of individuals. Most internet dating users find that websites give a chance to get to know the person before committing to that all important first date.

It also allows you the chance to show a different aspect of yourself. If you are shy it could mean the difference between an awkward first date between strangers and a comfortable meeting between two people who already know something about each other.

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