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How To Avoid Online Dating Risks

By Julia Barnes

There are some true horror stories about online dating gone awry. It can be the stuff of nightmares. Online personals can be a landmine field of potential disasters, but hope is not completely lost.

There are ways to decipher the ads and get through the first date intact. Many people have had successful matches through online dating and it is possible to review your options and meet the person of your dreams in this way.

Not all personal ads are alike. Many may seem to describe that perfect someone but you have to pay close attention to the ad. There are con artists out there and though the internet has brought us closer together, it has also increased the likelihood of running afoul by a less than scrupulous person.

Too Good To Be True

If an ad seems too good to be true, chances are that it is. If the person’s photo seems like a professional picture or they mention another website or make a reference to immediate love...delete the ad, block the person and avoid them like the plague.

Online dating sites often employ writers to revamp a person’s personal ad for a fee. A great way to tell if a person’s ad has been written by another person is by the first few email exchanges.

Looking For Clues

If the person’s ad had exceptional grammar and was descriptive yet their email messages are filled with errors, it is a big clue that the site helped write the personal ad for them.

Unfortunately, not every person you will meet from an online dating site is completely harmless. There are less than scrupulous people who use the internet to find potential victims. You do not have to be that victim.

Use Common Sense And A Sense Of Caution

If you use some common sense and a hefty dose of caution, then you can be aware of any potential dangers. Never give out your home number and be careful with giving out a cellular number. Phone numbers can be traced back to your name and address. This applies even to cell phones.

Singles sites abound on the internet but not everyone is single. There are some websites such as Eharmony that screen for married people looking for an affair but it is not a foolproof method.

Look Out For Married People

Some online dating websites are perfectly fine with married people looking for other people but it is a slippery slope. Personal ads should be required to ask if someone is married but ultimately you have to take the responsibility for yourself to look for signs that the person is already taken.

Online dating is not without its risks. That much is evident every time a story circulates about a deranged stalker out to get people through the internet. But those same risks are there in bars, grocery stores or even the local church.

It pays to be cautious but it also pays to have a sense of adventure. Each new person you meet is a potential friend or mate for life. You just have to pick through the bunch for that special someone.

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Are there any dangers with using an internet dating site?
There are benefits to using internet dating sites but a sad fact is that there are also great dangers. There are some people who use dating sites as nothing more then preying grounds for unsuspecting people.

Predators surround us daily but the horrors of the World Wide Web seem to grab our attention more than others. There are countless horror stories within the dating world of married men or women trolling personal ads to have affairs on their spouses.

There are psychologically deranged people searching for victims. In reality this is true of dating off the internet as well. You just have more opportunities to run across people such as these when you are connected online. The best advice is to use common sense and have a little bit of prudence. If it seems too good to be true…it probably is.

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