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Online Dating Expectations And Membership Privileges

By Julia Barnes

Online dating expectations include a dating site with facilities and resources for use by members to talk to dating prospects. These facilities may include online text chat, videochat, live web cams and many other options available to full, paid up members. You also expect customer support services to resolve any queries relevant to the site.

You may be looking to join a dating site and you are not sure what you need to see on the site, in order to decide if the site is perfect for you. Many dating sites offer a free to join option with restricted access, where you can look around the facilities and services available to full members and then decide if you wish to upgrade to a paid membership.

Once you are a full member, you will look at using the facilities and resources of the site to help meet your online dating expectations.

Making Your Choice And Meeting Your Expectations

In recent years, the online dating industry has exploded and nowadays there are literally thousands of dating sites to choose from. These sites differ greatly from each other in their offerings and it’s not hard to see how one could get confused when coming to choose between them.

One point of contention when using sites is what exactly can the user expect the site to provide in terms of service, support etc.

While there are no clearly defined guidelines for what is expected of a dating site, there are some general industry standards which are adhered to by reputable sites. Here are a few things you can expect from a good dating site, as well as a few things that would not be included in the service.

1. A Stable Site And Ability To Use Advertised Features

When using a site, it’s not unreasonable to expect it to run smoothly and efficiently and allow you to make use of the features it advertises. This is especially true if you have paid for the services, but is also a reasonable expectation even if you are using a free site.

2. Read The Privacy Policy/Terms And Conditions

Never trust a site that does not advertise its terms and conditions and privacy policy openly. These are usually available as links from the main page or the about page of the site, sometimes at the bottom of the page.

Although often lengthy and boring, these documents are an important read if you want to know exactly what it is you are agreeing to when you sign up to the site.

3. Taking Quick Action To Resolve Problems

Dating sites are designed to be a safe and secure environment for people to meet. While sometimes it’s impossible for the site to weed out every dodgy person immediately, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect the moderators of the site to respond quickly to complaints voiced by users and for offensive users to be removed from the site.

4. Customer Support Services

If you have problems using any of the features on a site, you can expect help and support from the site staff. This includes explanations of anything from the chat system to how to contact people or how to upload a photo. Most sites offer email support.

5. Free To Join And Then Upgrade To A Paid Membership

Allowing you to “try before you buy” is pretty much industry standard. Most sites won’t expect you to put your credit card details in before running a quick search on the site.

It’s always best to have a look around a site to see whether it has any members and whether any of those look like the kind of people you want to talk to. If a site requires you to pay first, be suspicious: it may well be a scam.

What You Should Not Expect From A Dating Site

There are services that are not expected from a dating site. For example, you cannot get 100% reliability, the site will be up all the time, as there are hackers and viruses out there continually attacking sites, trying to bring servers down. Every now and then, these attempts are successful and the server has to be repaired.

There are times when there are technical updates and the site may have to be shut down for the updates to take effect. Most of these technical issues are relevant to many sites and do not affect only dating sites.

There are also services you would not expect from a dating site, like fixing problems with your computer. Here is a following list of items you do not expect from a dating site.

1. A Perfect Website With No Downtime

Dating sites are not as easy to maintain as any of us would like. As a result, occasional downtime or bugs are inevitable. While it’s fair to accept a decent level of service (see above), do take into account that sometimes mistakes do happen.

The fact that a site is big and successful doesn’t necessarily mean it will run properly 100% of the time. As a rule, a few bugs here and there and the occasional few hours downtime are to be expected but if a site is down for days, you’re probably better off going elsewhere unless the situation improves drastically.

2. Meet With Immediate Success

Even online dating takes time and even the best sites may not deliver the results you want straight away. Even if a site looks disappointing at first glance, it may still turn out to be a winner if you give it a bit of time. Spending a few weeks on a site should be enough to tell you whether it’s the right site for you.

3. Help With Your Computer Issues

Any good dating site will have a customer service team who will readily help you with any issues relating to the site itself. They are less likely to help you with issues relating to your own computer or Internet service and your ability to use them.

Some may still do, but in general, the support teams who work for dating site companies, expect the users to have a basic level of Internet/computer knowledge.

4. Advice For Offsite Problems

The people who moderate a dating site only have jurisdiction over what happens on their site. They cannot, for example, act on the basis of emails sent off site, phone calls etc. The only thing they can do is cooperate with the police in cases where there is a need for further information when investigating a case.

It is common practice for Internet scammers to try and lure people away from a dating site and into private conversations offsite as soon as possible, exactly for that reason.

5. Reading Your Messages

It is impossible for site teams to get involved in what happens between users on the site unless the issue is someone being offensive. They couldn’t, for example, tell you whether someone has read your messages if that feature is not a standard feature on the site. They will also not be able to speak to another user on your behalf.

Facilities And Resources On Dating Sites

When you enter a dating site you expect to see dating profiles of members, dating resources and facilities including online text and videochat, live webcams to talk to prospective dates. These facilities are available on many dating sites and are usually only available to full members with a paid membership.

Many sites also offer a free to join option, with restrictive access to some areas of the site. This allows you to look around the site and see what is available if you became a full member. If you decide you want full access to all the facilities and resources, then you may need to upgrade to a paid membership.

If you are looking to take up online dating for the first time and you are not sure if the site is right for you, then taking advantage of a free to join option may help you decide and meet your online dating expectations.

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