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By Julia Styles

Online dating services and dating agencies, are able to give dating advice and provide access to anyone who wishes to use these dating sites to meet a prospective date in a chat room or exchange e-mail.

You can then decide if you wish to meet the person and propagate the relationship to the next stage. This is most useful tool for people who have lost control of their time and find it hard to have a social life.

Unpredictable Working Hours

These days of unpredictable working hours, where a lot of professionals work long hours and a variety of shifts has led a lot of people to lose control of their available time to advance their social skills.

This results in less time in cultivating their relationships and reduced ability to meet people in out of work hours.

Online dating services are as a result an extremely popular form of meeting dates today. You can check dating profiles, go to a dating chat room, send and respond to email any time of day or night. Once you are comfortable with the person, you can then meet at a mutually convenient time.

Online Dating Is Popular

In a study conducted by the Online Publishers Association and comScore Networks, it was determined that people in the United States alone spent over 450 million dollars on online dating and personals services in 2004, which ranks online dating as the largest portion of paid content on the internet today.

As of the beginning of 2006, there are more than a thousand different dating sites available. Some of the most popular sites include, eHarmony, Yahoo Personals, American Singles and RSVP.

Strong Social Stigma

Though there have been different forms of online dating since the beginning of the internet, there was initially a strong social stigma associated with it.

People who dated online were thought to be strange, socially inept, or otherwise undesirable people that were resorting to an extreme measure, to find dates.

However, in the middle of the 1990s online dating became more popular, a wave that culminated with a movie starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan called ‘You’ve Got Mail’ released in 1998.

Intelligent And Practical

As of 2007, the stigma of online dating has all but disappeared, and it is widely regarded as an intelligent, practical and effective way to review and meet people for dates, relationships, and even marriage.

There are many benefits to online dating compared to meeting people by chance or at a bar, night club, or party. Users of an online dating site can browse ‘profiles’ of potential dates prior to communicating with them.

This offers an element of selectivity that bars, and other traditional meeting places lack.

Limitations Of Live Settings

In a live social setting, you are limited to the people present in the room, and may be engaged in a conversation by someone you have no interest in.

Likewise, there is the ever-present fear of rejection in live scenarios. Also, their partner may be nearby and things could get violent.

Easier To Meet People Online

Online, it is much easier to say hello to people in a dating chat room you may have otherwise been too nervous to approach.

Additionally, there are many thousands more people to choose from, and you can select from dating profiles with people in any location in the country. There could be someone in your neighborhood you didn’t know was available.

Guard Your Personal Safety

Critics of online dating often point to a number of dangers of the modern phenomenon, citing examples where users were mislead, lied to, and sometimes kidnapped or assaulted by people they had met, by way of the internet.

While these cases are indeed alarming, the dangers of online dating are common to all forms of dating. Meeting someone at a bar, nightclub or party does not offer any form of security that meeting someone online lacks.

In fact, most dates that are arranged online result only after a long exchange of emails and phone calls, so members are able to get a feel for their potential date before even meeting them.

Popular Way To Meet People

Dangers and stigmas aside, online dating is the fastest growing method of meeting people there is today, and has already permanently changed the way people find dates in our society.

For safety reasons, some people bring a trusted friend along on a first date. Just to be sure you are meeting a person they are who they say they are and not a date from hell.

Potential For A Long Term Relationship

Anyone can meet a person for a date as result of meeting online, and this could result in a number of dates and may even lead to long term relationship.

There are number of long term relationships that have resulted from a chance online meeting. Take your chance today.

You may end up with a lifetime friend.

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