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Meeting Women At Social Events

By Jason Reed

You are at a social event and looking forward to meeting women. You look around to see if there are any women you like and thinking about the topic you would use as a conversation starter. Your friend introduces you to a friend and you find her rather interesting. Now you are looking to put your foot in the door, to get past her roadblocks.

This is a friendly situation where a friend makes an introduction. You are hoping she likes you and you may go on a date, just the two of you together. Just being yourself, may not be enough to make her interested. You can talk about non-confrontational topics that could bring a smile to her face. This means politics and religion are out.

Getting To The First Date

You can discuss a review about a movie that has just come out, a music band that is hot and playing tonight. If she likes to see this hot band, it may be your first date with her. You have a chance to create a bond with her and open the door. After the concert you can go to a coffee shop and talk about the band and other topics as they come along.

This may be the result, when a friend introduces you to a girl looking for a date. What if you are on your own and looking for ways to approach women for a date? You can go to social places, singles events where there are plenty of ways of meeting women.

Approaching Women In A Friendly Way

You need to know how to approach a woman you have never met. Showing shyness and hesitation is the wrong way. Showing confidence is the right way. Some women are attracted to men who show signs of strength. But it is also important to approach a woman in a friendly, non-threatening way.

The best time to approach a woman, is when she is with other people, so she feels comfortable. You can say who you are, get her attention and talk to her in a short conversation.

Women Feel Threatened By Someone They Do Not Know

If you talk to her when she is alone, and she does not know you, you need to show you are not a threat to her. You want to make her comfortable in your company and not put up her guard against a stranger.

One way to increase her confidence, is to show both your hands at all times. You can even hold a cell phone or a glass of wine in one hand. You could offer her a drink, letting her relax in your company. You should position your body and phrase your conversation in a way to show you are not planning to hang around too long.

Talk To Her As If You Are About To Walk Away

One tip, is to avoid giving her praise. Instead, think of conversation starters that may make you interesting. Look at the environment around you and try and include it in the conversation. Then try to walk away and ask if you can continue the conversation at another time. This may give her the idea to give you her cell phone number.

Now, you know how to approach women at social events. Using these tips will help to improve your chances of dating and meeting women.

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Most websites allow you to customize your search, thus eliminating people you think might not be best suited for you. There are also websites that are based on important issues such as religion, sexuality or even age and ethnic groups.

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