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Meeting New Friends Is Easy When You Are Alert And Approachable

By Joachim Strauss

Meeting new friends is easy when you keep your eyes open and make yourself approachable. As long as you don’t show any aggression when someone approaches you, you should be able to make lots of new friends.

You need to be a good conversation starter, especially when you approach a total stranger. There are always opportunities to meeting new friends. You just have to be alert and take the opportunity when it comes.

Talking To A Pretty Girl

You may see a pretty girl on the street and you see she is alone. You may think she is lost and is trying to find her way around. You could ask her if she is trying to find a location. If she is, then you could offer to take her to her destination. I am sure she would appreciate it.

You can talk to her on the way to her destination. From your conversation you can decide if you want to meet her again. You can say if you need any more help, call me on this number and she will call you if she is interested. As a matter of courtesy she will give you her number and you are on your way to making a new friend.

Next time you meet, you will be meeting as new friends.

Moving To A New Area

One thing I enjoy about moving to new areas is meeting new people. Especially in the urban, city areas. The variety of personalities you encounter seems endless. This is what’s great about the world.

I love the diversity of cultures and towns. Not that meeting new friends is always a breeze. It can prove difficult depending on where you move to.

Start A Conversation

For example, I encountered a girl in Portland, Oregon. She had just transferred into my University. I noticed her sitting beside me one day in the student center and decided to strike up a conversation.

In no time flat, I knew a great deal about this girl. For one, she was very devoted to her religion, and two, she was a Republican. Now, if you’ve ever been to Portland, Oregon, you might have noticed that there are not a whole lot of religious Republicans.

The Diamond In The Rough

These folks you more commonly encounter in the Bible-belt or Midwest. She explained to me how difficult it was making friends there, because most of the locals were liberal as ever.

To sum it up, she typically ended up arguing with people there. On the other hand, she met me, and we became good friends. Call me the diamond in the rough.

Meet New Friend On MySpace

Computers, laptops, notebooks, PCs, Macs, whatever you wish to call them. These have become quite the gateway to meeting new friends. Don’t believe me? Just hop on and get enlightened.

This is one cyberspace location that offers you connections to millions of random people. Chances are you will encounter some you like and some you dislike. Either way, it’s a new-age way to meeting new friends.

Chatting To Complete Strangers

I can’t lie. I find it completely bizarre that so many strangers get on this website and frolic carelessly, chatting and relating to complete strangers, never knowing for certain if they’re meeting a friend or a foe.

Regardless, the process will go on and on. It will probably only cease when Internet access does the same.

Join A Social Networking Site

The process of meeting new friends doesn’t have to end with the locals anymore. So what if you haven’t made connections with your neighbors, hung out with co-workers, or found friends in the local bars.

Maybe it’s time to review your options and look for other routes to meeting new friends. Give and Facebook a shot. You may actually enjoy it and meet someone cool.

Approachable And Easy To Get Along

As long as you keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground, you can meet new friends. Make yourself approachable and easy to get along with and you will find that people will talk with you about almost anything.

You may have just broken up with your girl and you think you will have to start again from scratch. You can go online to a dating website and read the dating profiles of prospective dates. If you find any of them appealing to you then, see if you can take the next step like chatting online and exchanging email.

You may need to check the contact rules on the dating site. You may not be allowed to contact the dating prospect directly and the dating prospect will contact you if they are interested.

Many Places To Meet New Friends

There are ways to meet new friends online and offline. You don’t have to go to a noisy bar where you have to scream at each other to make yourself heard. You can meet new friends at your local store, bus stop, doctors waiting room. Anywhere people stop and are waiting for something to happen.

All you have to do is keep your eyes open and be a good conversation starter to break the ice, and you will become an expert on meeting new friends.

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