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Meaning Of Dreams Influenced By Events Of Your Day

By Janine Jensenoris

Have you ever wondered about the underlying meaning of dreams? Are they simply the mind’s eye processing all the stimuli from the day? Or are there metaphorical messages to be learned and out-of-body experiences to be had?

Since it is said we only use 5 to 10% of our brains, what is the other 90 to 95% doing? If you have trouble remembering dreams, are you still having them at all? Dream researchers say that dreaming is essential to our physical and mental well-being.

One theory about the meaning of dreams posited by psychologist Dr. Joseph Griffin is that our dream consciousness completes a circuit of emotional fulfillment that may have been left unfinished from the day’s events.

An Example Of A Dreams Influenced By Your Activities

For example, one man reported hearing a statistic on TV that 1 in 4 people get cancer. Before bed, the man watched a program about a traveler in the desert. That night, he dreamt that he was wandering in a desert, dying of thirst. He found an old woman behind a counter who gave him the choice of drinking from one of four cups.

She then informed him that he had chosen the cup full of poison and was about to die. As terrifying as that nightmare was, the man realized that hearing about the cancer statistic earlier that day had jarred him and left him with some unresolved anxiety. Since humans are so driven to fulfill their expectations, they sometimes require metaphors to soothe their inner worries.

Most Emotional Important

Another important meaning, says Dr. Griffin, is that dreams are connected to what is most emotionally important to us. In that way, he explains that the dream dictionary doesn’t really apply to everyone.

For instance, you could read that dreaming of soiled kittens implies you will be plagued by small troubles or victimized in some way. However, you may have just watched a program where kittens were rescued from an abandoned home and perhaps there is no real stressor in your life right now.

Dreams Tie Up Loose Ends

The dreams we have do not always necessarily apply. We dream in metaphors that could be borrowed from the environment, TV shows, stories we processed throughout the day or our imagination. Often a feeling we have will create a dream symbol and sometimes the meanings aren’t always so clear or so universally applicable.

Dreams are meant to be forgotten, Dr. Griffin surmises. They’re designed to tie up all our emotional and psychological loose ends, store important information for later review and complete expectations. Even so, most of us have excellent dream recall and can remember every intricacy -- at least of the dreams that take place just before awakening.

Dreams Are Essential To Our Wellbeing

Many of the dreams encountered during the night will be forgotten. Dr. Griffin’s studies show that people who spend more time worrying and have more dramatic events occurring throughout the day inadvertently spend more time dreaming.

The meaning of dreams mystery has not been solved over the course of thousands of years and it’s highly unlikely anyone will crack the code soon, but researchers can say with certainty that dreams are indeed essential to our wellbeing.

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More Dreams Facts....

What happens to your body when you start dreaming?
Your body has a sleep cycle. When you enter into REM stage of your sleep cycle you are closest to being awake at that point. Your eyelids will flutter and move back and forth as you begin to dream.

There have been many studies of REM and dreaming. Researchers would often wake people during the REM cycle and ask if they had been dreaming. Most responded that they indeed had been dreaming.

Did you know that researchers actually believe that animals dream as well? Animals enter into REM sleep just as humans do and it is thought that they experience dreams. Unfortunately the animals cannot communicate with the researchers regarding what they dreamed about.

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