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Marriage Crisis And Keeping Your Family Together

By Janine Jensenoris

Marriage crisis occurs when there is a challenge in the relationship of the married couple. There may be a family tragedy, a constantly sick child, a situation beyond their control.

There is always a solution to every problem, the solution may be to discuss the situation with your partner. If this does not work, then help may be sought with a relationships counselor who can help heal the wounds and may offer solutions to maintain your relationship. Professional counseling advice may help release you from a marriage crisis.

A Marriage Crisis At Least Once In Your Lifetime

I don’t care who you are, if you are married, you will end up going through some sort of marriage crisis at least once in your lifetime. You may think that you have the perfect relationship, and you just might, but that doesn’t mean that something outside of the marriage won’t happen to shake you both to your very core.

Some people have a great marriage and rarely even fight, but life may throw something at them that even the most committed people cannot handle.

My aunt and uncle had one such marriage. They are very level headed and I don’t think I have ever sensed a moment of stress between the two of them. Though this doesn’t mean they never had worries, it did mean that they didn’t have a lot of them.

Son Killed In An Accident

What shook their marriage was not cheating, fighting, or just boredom. When their eleven-year-old son was killed in a car accident, they found they had to really hang on to each other and that they were indeed in the middle of a marriage crisis.

Though you may love each other, this sort of marriage crisis can rip anyone apart if you don’t know how to handle it, and many people don’t know. Grief for each person is so personal that it can indeed cause a marriage crisis when and where you least expect one.

That is why even if you think you have a rock solid marriage you should seek professional counsel if something like this happens to you. It will help you relate even when you want to be left alone in your grief, and will help you understand what your spouse is going through, even if they cannot verbalize it to you.

Lack Of Communication

If you have a marriage crisis due to anything else, don’t be afraid to go to someone for help. Often a marriage breaks down due to a lack of communication, and the problems become so big because couples don’t know how to talk it out.

If you are having a marriage crisis and want to work it out, you may not be able to do it on your own, and you should know that there is no shame in that. We all go in blind and have to feel our way though a marriage and a life. It’s never easy, and it’s never easy to ask for help.

You should just know it’s out there, and that you should use it if you feel things are going out of control.

A Challenge In A Relationship

You should always see a marriage crisis as a challenge to meet in a relationship. Working together, backing each other up all the way, you can help meet that challenge. First talk it out with your partner, then seek advice from friends and relatives. Depending on the seriousness of the challenge, you may need counseling.

The problem may be a sick child needing constant care. You may discuss with your doctor if the child needs to be hospitalised for a period of time to help overcome illness. This could help you to do other duties around the home, go to work, help maintain your relationship and solve your marriage crisis.

You may visit your child at hospital every day, feeling reassured your child is getting better with professional health care management.

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