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Love Letters With Words Of Appreciation

By Janine Jensenoris

Love letters are full of words of appreciation, can be read a number of times, for many years. One love letter may be received after the first date, another love letter may be received after fifty years of marriage. The love letter may be from your husband, your wife, your lover, your friend or even someone you did not know had strong feelings for you.

Words on a page are a very powerful statement, especially when they are romantic words expressing appreciation. These words can be uplifting. Especially if you did not realize the romantic bond was as strong as ever.

I always find romantic love letters much more interesting than greeting cards or gift cards. Because these letters can be read again and again over the years. Whenever one feels down and cannot find a solution, one can always read love letters to feel that natural high of appreciation.

Looking For Compatibility With Strangers

For centuries, lovers have been writing love letters. Indeed, there are many collections of love letters, written by famous, infamous and celebrity persons which are treasured by generations of family members.

Alternatively, and perhaps unromantically, these collections are offered up to the highest bidder at auction through such stellar houses as Sotheby’s, for unspeakable sums of money.

This being the case, it’s easy to see that you, too, might well pen your romantic thoughts to the love of your life. If you are a writer, poet or even artistically inclined, you’re lucky. However, if you don’t feel your talents are up to the task, you can still use this vehicle of romance to mend an argument or declare your undying love.

Constructing Love Letters Online

Although it may never have crossed your mind, you’ll find lots of help online. There are a number of options you might exercise, depending on your own abilities in crafting love letters.

There are sites run by writers who specialize in ghost writing epistles of love. Some conduct a brief email interview, or have you fill out a questionnaire of sorts, to give them the bones of your situation and what you hope to convey and accomplish. You are buying their words, to be used by you in whatever manner you wish. This can be an ideal way to impress your true love.

Other sites are more like idea banks, with articles that coach you on how to construct a love letter to address any given situation. You’ll find rules governing such writings, letting you know which sort of sentiments won’t fly.

Baring Your Soul In A Love Letter

For example, if you’ve just met the love of your life, you must remember that the feelings you have may not be reciprocal. In this case, you might not want to declare your undying love and bare your soul.

You could be rejected, and then, rather immediately, live to regret the venture. There are some off-the-wall ideas in circulation, such as writing a love letter anonymously, telling the object of your desires that you’ve been following them and observing their lovable habits and places they frequent. This might well be construed as stalking.

Searching For Romantic Quotes Online

Better ideas include consulting sites with databases of quotes. You type in keywords falling into your general concept and click the search button. You’ll see plenty of results in which those keywords appear, written by poets and novelists of some fame. Such quotes can serve as the basis of your love letter.

You start off with the quote and then apply your own words below. This can work well if you’re not a writer. The fact that you took the trouble to research an eloquent quote which expresses your feelings on the subject may make your own words, lacking similar eloquence, but filled with sincerity, highly endearing to your love.

Both women and men are love letter fans. Women love highly romantic writings, whereas men enjoy a slightly lighter touch. True love is everlasting.

Beautiful Words Of Appreciation

But putting words together is one of the most appealing aspects of communication. These are not words whispered in your ear for a fleeting moment, these are words to be treasured for a long time.

You can look at these letters 10, 20 years from now and be reminded of a sweet time in your life. Whenever you feel down and times are tough, opening a letter with beautiful words of appreciation, are words that can give you that reassurance that life is beautiful.

Words in a love letter can make you feel happy to be alive. There is someone out there who really loves you. Be it a lover, a long distance friend, a husband or a wife. Written words are an expression of love, and caring for the one you love.

It does not matter if you receive a love letter after your first date, or after your 50th wedding anniversary. The words have a deeper meaning on the page. You can read the letter a number of times and think about their meaning. Careful consideration has been given by the writer to give expression of feelings, by placing specific words together.

This why I always appreciate and have kept love letters for years.

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