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Looking For Someone You Need To Find

By Jason Reed

Looking for someone you may have not seen or heard for months or years can be a difficult prospect. Your friend may have moved to another town or another country. He may have a wife and family. There may be a reason why you have lost contact.

You may have been best friends while you were in high school, but then went to different colleges in different towns. These days people can stay in contact with email and online chat, but these facilities were not so prevalent at the time of your friendship. You may have received a letter in the mail, but you did not bother to respond.

You may have even received an invitation to his wedding, but you did not attend. Long lost friends often meet at these social occasions. Quite often, people who have not met for weeks, months or years would meet at a social event and talk about old times.

There are ways to find long lost friends.

Looking To Find Your Best Friend

Losing a mate or a friend can be hard, especially when you don’t know what happened to them. There are many times when friends find they have drifted apart without realizing what was going on.

You may have some idea of how to reach them, but you may also find that what you have is no longer valid. Your one time best bud is now someone you have lost. When looking for someone, it is good to start with what you know and to then work from there. Use the tools out there, and spend only what you think you can afford.

Look Up Old Phone Numbers And Parents Names

Looking for someone can start with old phone numbers and even parents names. You may get lucky by calling your friend’s parents, but that is not always possible. You may not know how to reach them, they may have an unlisted number, or you may have never known their names.

You can try to use white pages listings for the same last name in their hometown, but that may not always help when you are looking for someone with a very common name like Smith or Brown. If someone has an unusual name, you may have some luck.

Searching On The Internet

If parents are not an option when looking for someone, you may have to flip on your computer and do some searching. You can see what comes up when you put their name into a search. You may find many results, but not all of these are going to have anything to do with your friend.

Even those with uncommon names find there are many more around the world with the same name. These results can be confusing when looking for someone, but you can sift through for possible leads that might net you even more information with some more searching.

Seeking Professional Help To Find Your Friend

When you absolutely have to find someone, but you cannot seem to get anywhere, you may have to get some professional help. Looking for someone this way can be costly, but when you are in a position where you have to find them, paying money might be your only option.

Look around for a good private investigator, and give them all of the information that you have on the person you are searching for. You may not have had any luck on your own, but they may very well find exactly what you need in a relatively short amount of time.

Your friend may still be in the same town, living a couple of blocks away but you do not recognise him as he may have changed in appearance. This is the time when you can talk to your other friends that you have who may still be in contact with your long lost friend.

If you seek contact with your friend, either through mutual friends or a private investigator and you get a message that he does not wish to meet you, then you have to respect the wishes of your friend. But if he does wish to meet you, then it will be like one of those reunions you see on TV of long lost friends.

Be ready for all outcomes, when looking for someone.

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