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Long Distance Relationships And Staying In Touch Online

By Janine Jensenoris

Long distance relationships are common these days. With many online facilities, including email, chatting and video, there are many opportunities to meet online dates. Your date may be living in the same town, another state or even overseas.

You may know each other and have met physically, but your circumstances has taken you far apart and you want to stay in touch online. Alternatively you may have never met, but you want to know more.

Online Dating Facilities

Many dating sites, offer dating resources, where you can meet people from your town and even people around the world. For example, you may be considering to go on a holiday to France and you want to meet someone there to show you around.

You can start a long distance relationship with someone in France and you will know a little about your new friend before you meet. You may be able to exchange emails, photos and participate in videochat.

Traveling Around Paris

Your new friend may be able to show you little video clips of her town. She may be living outside Paris and she could travel to Paris to meet you and show all the wonderful locations around Paris. You can then travel outside Paris and go to her town through the French countryside. Just like in French movies.

This is an example of an online relationship that could develop over a period of time and help you stay in touch online with long distance friends.

Staying In Touch

We all have a variety of types of relationships. Family and friends we’ve grown up with, might, of necessity, move thousands of miles away, to take on a new job, retire in a sunnier climate, or go away to college.

Whatever the reason, you still want to keep in touch, but now you can review your options and look for way to a maintain long distance relationship. Emails, texting and personal websites offer ways for you to keep in contact on a daily basis. You already have extensive experience in interacting with these people you know, so continuing your friendship in a long distance relationship is easy and rewarding.

Long Distance Romantic Relationships

How about long distance relationships of the romantic variety? Perhaps you’ve made a friend online and the better you get to know them, the more entranced you become with this potential soul mate. Perhaps due to financial constraints, you’re not able to communicate except through emails, text messaging or private messaging.

Can such a cyber dating relationship stand the test of time? Yes, it can, depending on your mutual motivations. Like a pen pal, you can have long and insightful conversations which bring you ever closer. Nonetheless, there always comes a point when you need to have that face to face contact, if only to reassure yourself – a mutual objective – that this fantasy partner is more than words on a page, or photos you share.

Questions And Suspicions

You always reach a point of frustration that’s difficult to transcend, short of meeting in person. Questions arise, worries plague you. Is this person the real thing? Depending on the amount of time you’ve spent corresponding, the litmus test varies.

You might become jealous, wondering if all those sweet nothings are just show. Perhaps your cyber dating beloved has a dozen other dates each week. Suspicion rears its ugly head. Soon, you find it imperative that you meet in person.

Evolving From A Friendship

This is one of the most difficult aspects of the romantic long distance relationship. Perhaps your relationship started out as a friendship, but over the several months you’ve been in contact, it’s evolved into something more, bordering on love. In fact, both parties may now feel insecure, wondering if the love of their life is slipping through their fingers. How do you know? What should you do?

Here’s where it’s important to identify just what your objectives were, at the beginning of your relationship, as well as what you’ve got now. Let’s say that prior to forming this online relationship, you were just getting over a broken, real time love relationship. You were looking for solace and a friend.

Searching For Love

Perhaps you discovered you seemed to have much in common with this long distance relationship friend, more than you ever achieved with your former love attraction. Were you just hiding out? Were you searching for a new love relationship, without realizing it? Have you been honest with your new cyber friend? Have they been honest with you?

I guess there’s only one way to find out. Let your intuition guide you. Arrange to meet in person, or at least over a video phone meet. Play it safe if you decide to make the jump to a real life face to face.

Online Dating With Video

The video option might be most revealing. You can meet your potential soul mate over video, assessing body language, facial expressions and inflections of voice that email and texting can never fulfill. There’s just three options in the face to face: ecstasy, disappointment or a flat encounter.

The romantic long distance relationship can be a bust. On the other hand, you might indeed find your soul mate. In any event, what have you lost?

Online Dating And Videochatting

You may be concerned, that you are losing a little of your privacy, if you reveal too much of yourself, to someone you may never meet. But meeting someone online for the first time, is similar to meeting someone new at a social event. You do not have to dress up and look your best when you are online. You can be wearing your jammies and chatting online.

With videochat, you are revealing a little more of yourself and you will see a lot more of your online date. As most of the conversation is with your eyes, than what you say and hear, then you will be able to understand and know much of your online date when you can see character, clothes and mannerisms. You may find your online date much more appealing after meeting in a videochat.

Being able to see and hear, may compensate for the distance between the two of you. Distance does not mean you are living in another country. You may be living in the same town, but not living together. If you are living in the same area, then the distance can be easily overcome.

Using the internet, with online dating resources, there are many ways to enhance long distance relationships.

About the Author: Janine Jensenoris is a popular author of dating articles including Adult Personals, Blind Dating, Chat Websites, Real Friends, Adult Party Favors, Conversation Starters, Abusive Relationships, Difficult People, Anger Management, Interracial Relationships.
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