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Lightweight Backpacking For An Enjoyable Trip

By Julia Barnes

When most people in the United States backpack, their base packs often weigh between 30 to 50 pounds, depending on how heavy the backpacking equipment is and how long the backpacking excursion is going to last.

Many people opt for lighter base packs and choose lightweight backpacking. This backpacking term means packing the lightest gear possible to meet overnight backpacking, or even longer needs. On average, those who choose to lightweight backpack, pack between 12 and 20 pounds of gear, making their packs considerably lighter.

Heavy Backpacks May Cause Fatigue And Possible Injuries

Heavier backpacks can cause serious problems for many people. If a person is consistently packing 30 to 50 pounds of gear, then over a period of time they may experience exhaustion, increased chances of injuries, the chance of falling by making poor foot placement and of course being tired and cranky.

The elimination of some of the weight can allow individuals to have more fun on their trip and have more fun to do the exciting things that have been planned, instead of being tired from carrying all of the heavy backpacking equipment.

Lightweight backpacking is being practiced by more and more individuals who are far less worried about the amount of backpacking equipment that they bring and more interested in what they gain from the experience itself.

You May Never Need Duplicate Gear

When backpacking hiking with less gear, simply do not take more than what you know you will need. Many people tend to pack duplicate equipment just in case, but many people never need the duplicate gear.

Believe it or not, packing your everyday 12 ounce tube of toothpaste or your ultra mega bottle of sunscreen can add to the weight content of your backpack very quickly, yet you will never need those amounts of products for a weekend or even a week long trip. Instead, review your options and try packing trial size bottles of products so that you are more comfortable when traveling. Another item that can significantly add to your backpacking weight is packing unnecessary food.

Carry Less Weight While Backpacking

This is where deliberate food planning comes in. Many lightweight backpackers have found that packing food consistent with a 2,000 calorie a day diet relieves them of a lot of weight. This averages out to about 1.5 pounds of daily food and can actually reduce the average backpacker’s weight by over 5 pounds, in food alone. While there are other items that can be deleted from your backpack to drop weight, starting with items like these can get you off and running.

Backpacking can be a enjoyable activity but one that can become very cumbersome, if a individual’s backpack becomes extremely heavy. If you become a weary traveler, what fun will you really have? Lightweight backpacking allows individuals the freedom to do more activities.

While there are individuals who can handle the heavy 30 to 50 pound packs while traveling, without any problems, is it truly necessary? If you can take all that you need for your weekend or even week long trip in a 12 to 20 pound, or even 25 pound pack, then why wouldn’t you?

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What type of equipment is used in backpacking?
The main, and really most important, item to use in backpacking is the backpack. It will serve as your carrying apparatus for your field gear such as tent, water source and nutritional source. Other items you will need in order to go backpacking is a good pair of hiking boots and perhaps a staff to help you climb hills and other rocky areas that you will be traversing.

It may be backpacking in the great outdoors with just yourself and a tent. Backpacking means different things to different people. But there are some things that you have to know about backpacking such as the equipment and the right fit. This article is perfect for answering those basic questions.

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