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Comfortable La Thong Lingerie

By Julia Barnes

There is a high probability that you do not know what a La Thong is. Why? Most women do not know because they are a recent development for the ladies lingerie world. Lingerie models are one thing but a La Thong is completely different.

In thong definitions, a thong is a scrap of material that is a pair of bikini briefs minus the area of cloth that would cover the hindquarters. A La Thong fills that definition except with one notable difference: a la thong is disposable and meant to be thrown away.

Disposable Underwear

Several years ago manufacturers such as Kimberly Clark decided to debut a line of disposable underwear that was meant to be worn during the menstrual cycle or if the woman was in need of a pair of panties in case of an emergency. What this emergency was or would be would remained a mystery because the disposable panties did not turn out to be a great success.

The manufacturer Kimberly Clark is well known for diapers and pull-ups for toddlers. Who would have ever thought that they would design a pair of underwear in case of emergencies? Unfortunately they did and they were not the type of garment adult women wanted to wear.

La Thong Underwear

They felt like a pull-up, looked like one and were not a success. Thankfully, La Thong recognized those mistakes and designed their thongs to make a woman still feel attractive in lingerie but without feeling like she was wearing a diaper.

La Thong underwear has managed to hit a niche market. The makers quickly understood the jokes being made regarding disposable underwear and therefore turned their advertising towards women in their early twenties.

The La Thong underwear is advertised for those in need of: emergency underwear, morning after and for travel. There are also gag gifts that include La Thong as a part of their hilarity.

Better Than Disposable Panties

The superiority of La Thong over the previous lines of disposable panties is that it is classified in lingerie rather than briefs. The material is soft, comes in a variety of patterns and overall looks very feminine.

The pricing is around fifteen dollars and comes in sizes ranging from small up to extra, extra large. This accommodation in sizing is a vast relief to those curvy women who still wish to partake of the product.

A Pack Of La Thong Underwear For Emergencies

The pluses of owning a pack of La Thong underwear is compelling. There are times when having them could be an asset. It may not be a "morning after" case but it could be an emergency hospital stay. You can keep a pack in your car in case of a feminine accident.

They are comfortable, affordable and even not resemble a pair of matronly support panties nor do they look like a diaper. Give them a try; you may wind up liking them.

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Did You Know?

Living in a rural town has its advantages and its disadvantages. The primary disadvantage is lack of large department stores or specialty stores. This is especially true of trying to find that perfect lingerie set. The extent of small town stores usually runs no farther than pantyhose, bras and panties.

The internet has provided us with a way to find every imaginable lingerie outfit out on the market, and most at very reasonable prices. You do not have to worry about your nosey neighbor watching what you purchase and the items are delivered safely to your home.