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Jewish Speed Dating Allows You To Meet New People

By John D Strinetz

Jewish speed dating is for those looking for someone new, within the Jewish community. It can be a challenge to meet new people in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, without any pressure. This is why many people need to consider speed dating, to start the ball rolling.

Rabbi Yaacov Deyo, along with his students, created the concept of speed dating as a way for Jewish singles to meet and see if they were compatible. The first speed dating event took place at a cafe in Beverly Hills in 1998.

Since then, although some of the processes of speed dating have changed, the basic concept has remained the same. This appeals to many people, as a way to meet someone new, within the Jewish community.

Men And Women Meeting In A Social Setting

The format of Jewish speed dating is relatively simple. There are as many men and women who meet in social setting, like a cafe or a lounge. Each person gets a name tag, a score sheet and a pen.

The women sit by themselves at each of the tables, scattered around the room. At the signal from the host, each of the men are instructed to sit at a table and talk to the woman sitting there for the allotted time, which is usually just a few minutes.

The Signal To Move To The Next Table

Once a whistle is blown or a signal to change is made, the men then go to another table, to talk with another woman. During these brief conversations, one should talk about where they come from, what their goals are and their adherence to Judaism.

During the process of Jewish speed dating, each person keeps a score, while talking to a member of the opposite sex. Both men and women write down things they liked and disliked about each person.

If a man and woman decide that they want to talk further, they can exchange numbers at the end of the night.

Relationships Take Time To Develop

There are several benefits to the Jewish speed dating experience. First, each date lasts only a few minutes, so you do not have the time to be nervous or uncomfortable. You may not know if you are attracted to the person immediately, as relationships take time to review and develop, after a series of dates.

There is no need to feel awkward, nervous or uncomfortable about the dating process, because everyone at the speed dating event are there for the same reason. To meet someone new.

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