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Intimacy With Passion

By Joachim Strauss

Intimacy is the passion and the closeness you feel for each other in a loving relationship. It is knowing how to finish her sentences. It is laying it all out in the open and no secrets. It is crying together, feeling the emotion of the moment, even if you do not know why she is crying, you cry with her.

Intimacy is more than about sex, it includes times shared together with lots of eye contact, conversation and touching. As most conversations are with the eyes and your actions, rather than the words spoken. Words can be explained by her intimate actions. It is not what she says, it is how she says it.

There is a tendency for intimacy to be reduced over a long term relationship. The first sign, is reduced eye contact. Watching her eyes is very intimate and occurs more often in the beginning of a relationship.

Maintaining A Closeness In Long Term Relationships

In more established and long-term relationships, it is more common to be looking in the general vicinity of her eyes, but not directly in to her eyes. This usually occurs, to avoid a tense situation and not give in to an intimate moment.

You can make an effort to maintain the closeness of your relationship and have more intimate moments. Making this effort, helps to improve your relationship, even though you may have been together for years and are even married.

There are keys to increasing the intimacy in your relationship. These include connective small talk, non-sexual physical contact and appreciation of your mate.

Small Talk Help To Reduce Misunderstandings

You do not need long conversations in order to stay connected with each other. You can have small talk, in order to understand each other better and to show you care. Hearing her voice, may be all that you need, to know that all is well.

The more you talk about the little things, like what happened at work or what you bought at the store, the more small talk helps to keep the bridges in your relationship connected all the way. Small talk helps to reduce the chance of confusion and lessen the amount of arguments.

Revealing More Of Her Inner Thoughts

Now, you may wonder, what will you talk about, when you know everything there is to know about each other. You may only know what she tells you, but small talk may reveal more about her inner thoughts and helping you to read her mind. For example, she may want to work in the garden, and she starts talking about the lousy weather.

You may not know she wants to work in the garden today, talking about the weather, will help you discover that she wants to do some gardening. This is the time when you increase your understanding of each other.

Next time she talks bout the weather, you may wonder if she wants to work in the garden. Talking about the small things in life helps to improve the bond between the two of you and cement the relationship further. If you see little challenges along the course of life, you can review those challenges and offer solutions. Another option, is physical contact.

More Intimate Moments With Hugging And Gentle Touches

Hugging and gentle touches are two forms of non-sexual physical contact and helps to improve the intimacy in your relationship. You should hold hands and give her a hug more often and she will understand you are with her. Another option is to rub her back or shoulders.

Every time you are talking to her, always look at her eyes. Even if you are not talking to her, always look at her eyes. Reading her eyes, will tell you everything you need to know. Making an effort to create more moments of intimacy helps to improve the quality of your relationship.

Show Your Appreciation

There may be times in your relationship, when the bond is severely tested. But there are times when you feel like you are on top of the world and nothing can go wrong. It is at these moments and even when things go wrong, when you should show your appreciation.

Rather than dwelling on the negatives, you should accentuate the positives and all these good things will help overcome all the challenges life has to offer. Think of at least three things you appreciate about her on a daily basis. Knowing these positives in your relationship will help to strengthen your bonds and increase your affection and intimacy.

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