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How To Meet Women And Have The Best Dates

By George Stenhouse

How to meet women is the eternal question being asked by busy professional men. They want to meet interesting women but do not have the time to meet women at the usual meeting places as their working hours are unpredictable and do not have the time to cultivate relationships.

The solution is to go online during a break from work and visit a website and look at interesting dating profiles.

Dating agencies have online websites where you can read the profiles of available women. But they do not look the type who want to meet me. So I have sought dating advice from an internet dating service to see if there is anyone who can match my needs.

Maybe someone who can show me around town. Where are the best places, the places to avoid. Start a new romance.

You see, I felt like a fish out of water. New people to meet. New friendships to create. So many people, so many new ideas.

I was new to this big town, and feeling lonely. Too many people, not enough friends. It’s not that I didn’t know how to meet women, but that I was in a whole different scene. Just a new kid in town, feeling a little out of place in a new environment.

My story

You see, I grew up in a pretty small, but liberal town. Meeting women was easy in Northern California.

There were local parties all the time, everyone knew everyone, and enough new people moved in and out to keep things interesting and fresh.

When I moved to New York City, however, understanding how to meet women became much more difficult. I had never really figured out how to talk to attractive women at bars. I was only a little shy, so that was not the issue.

It is just that I was used to a more intimate environment. I knew how to meet women at local parties where I already knew many of the people invited, but approaching a stranger was a much more daunting task.

Meet Women Online

I tried every trick that I could imagine. I tried pickup lines, I tried dating services, but none of them worked. I even had my personal ad posted on a how to meet women website, but nothing seemed to come through for me. Not women who could be what I wanted. I just wanted to show me the good places around town and maybe include a new big city romance.

Oh sure, I had a date now and then, and made some good friends, but my romantic life was rather bleak. I knew that if I did not learn how to meet woman soon, I would never find happiness in the big city.

Try Coaching

Finally, I tried one of the self-esteem coaching schemes. I know that it sounds pretty silly, but I was desperate. You might think that I was acting like a sucker, but the speaker really seemed to know how to meet women. And you know what?

The techniques that he showed me worked! They seemed kind of cheesy, and I was surprised, but soon I was able to approach any one that I wanted to. I was getting dates left and right.

Learn how to meet women

The problem was that I had learned nothing about how to meet women that appealed to me. You see, the tricks and tips that I’ve learned do not work with women who are my type. Sure, it is easy to learn how to meet women who are easily impressed by a clever line delivered with self-confidence.

However, women who are deep, intelligent, and soulful are not impressed by cheap male bravado, no matter what the salesmen of self-confidence will tell you.

Perhaps I will have to move again.

But then if I go back to Northern California, it may be the best and warmest date I could have. Knowing their hearts are not available in the bleak winters of big New York City.

Back to my hometown

These are the women who live in the sunshine with their warm hearts. They long to run together with me and dip into the water, just after sunset, when the water is not too hot or too cold. It is just right.

These are the women of Northern California. They do not ask too many questions and do not want to know every little detail. As they know everything already. We have grown up in the little hometown as children and now we spend time together as adults.

They are happy to see me around.

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