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How To Make Friends When Meeting For The First Time

By Julia Styles

How to make friends when meeting someone for the first time can be an awkward experience. You may have chatted online or talked on the phone, but this is the first time you are meeting each other.

Before you meet your new friend, you need to locate a friend and then arrange a meeting. For the busy working person, there is no time to cultivate a friendship in a meeting place. The more popular option is to go online.

You may look in the friends personals on a dating website to find new friends. Try even a dating chat, to see if you are compatible and have similar interests. Then exchange emails and even a phone call or two just to hear the voice. You can learn a lot from a voice.

Once you are satisfied, the next step is to meet as friends. This could be the beginning of a new friendship, maybe even a lifetime partner.

It may end up being the date from hell. This is the reason one hesitates, because this person may be different when face to face, to the person you have been communicating over the last few weeks. Maybe too old or too young. Does not meet your expectations. A complete waste of time.

An Open Mind

But you should give it a try. Its best to present your best face and hope for the best. You should allow room to compromise as there may be appealing aspects to your new friend. Maybe the one chance in a lifetime. You should always have the door open for a new friend.

Show your best aspects and hope your new friend may be just as good.

Some of us are at a loss when it comes to interpersonal skills, finding the art of how to make friends a challenging and daunting proposition. If you’re the shy type, this only compounds your dilemma.

Tips to break the ice

Even if you’re the outgoing type of personality, how to make friends can be an intimidating prospect. Here are a few tips that will help you break the ice.

You’ve often heard “Be a good listener” in the context of how to make friends. Well, it’s really true, and works especially well for you timid types.

Often, when two people are talking, they are not really listening to each other, instead trying to make their point understood with little regard for the other person’s input.

Show Interest

Next time you’re talking with someone, try this little experiment. Instead of you doing all the talking, try to draw out the other person. Ask questions that show you’re actually interested in their point of view.

When people perceive your interest, and they will, you’ll find them opening up and warming up to you. Once they’ve made their point and feel they’ve been understood, it’s your turn to comment on different points of the discussion.

You’ll soon have a lively conversation going and will have taken a giant step forward in the art of how to make friends.

Be polite and show respect

Another important component in your quest is treating the people you meet politely and with the respect you expect for yourself. Showing respect to another person immediately elevates you in their eyes!

Haughty or hostile attitudes and snide remarks only hurt people’s feelings and is demeaning to that person. Treat all new people you meet in an equally polite and respectful way. How to make friends involves being a good friend to humanity.

If you want to learn how to make friends, you must treat people fairly. Let’s say your job involves working with the public. If you have such a job, you know the public can sometimes be hostile, unfriendly or just plain mean.

If you are working in a retail store, you may have regular customers who are like this. You have to deal with them. If you make it your practice to always deal fairly and equally with all of your customers, you’ll find the difficult ones will eventually come around. Astonishing but true.

There will always be one or two grouches. It’s the same with making friends.

Never betray a confidence

Another strategy that not only works, but is imperative, is to never to betray a confidence. If someone tells you something and adds that they don’t want it spread around, take them at their word.

You may be the only person they confided in and if they later hear it from someone else, you’ve just lost a friend. On the other hand, if you keep your lip zipped, people will come to know you keep your word. You’ll gain their trust and friendship.

If you practice these simple steps, you’ll find yourself with many good friends!

For example, to show my appreciation of his friendship, I always bring presents for my boyfriend. He always has something for me, cause he knows I appreciate my boyfriend present. It makes my heart skip a beat every time we meet.

Sometimes he is very busy and doesn’t have time to get me a physical present, but making the effort to meet me, even in difficult circumstances, is what I really appreciate the most. His friendship and presence is his gift to me.

Just the two of us together. Turn off the tv and phones and just enjoy each others company. Hear each others voice without any interruptions.

I always look forward to the time of the day when we are together. Alone with my best friend.

It is my favorite part of the day.

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