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How To Flirt With Women And Enjoying The Moment Together

By Jason Reed

The trick to learning how to flirt with women is learning not to worry so much about ultimate goals, but instead to have fun in the moment. The goal will eventually take care of itself, but meanwhile, you’re enjoying the company of women.

What could be better than that? Remember that if the only goal of your flirting is to pick up women just for sex, then they’ll usually be turned right off. But if you adopt the attitude that flirting itself is fun, they’ll be much more interested in going home with you at some point.

Learn to flirt for the sake of giving enjoyment rather than getting something you want. If you focus entirely on what you want, you won’t actually enjoy yourself, but will spend your time plotting and fretting about the potential outcome.

Create A Relaxed And Playful Atmosphere

If you make the experience fun, both for yourself and the woman involved, that outcome may occur anyway. The best approach when flirting with women is to create a relaxed, playful, even humorous atmosphere. And one big key is not to let anxiety about the outcome or "how you’re doing" get in the way.

You don’t learn how to flirt with women successfully, according to Carlos Xuma at , unless you have an inner feeling of abundance and self-esteem. If you feel somehow that you’re inevitably going to fail, and this reveals itself in an attitude of neediness and even desperation, then you’re never going to attract women no matter how much you flirt.

Running Your Relationships Much More Smoothly

Relaxing about the final outcome, just flirting to enjoy the moment and to give women a good time will gradually remove the neediness and make your relationships with them go much more smoothly.

Making the first move with a woman is less likely to result in rejection or disaster if you are working from a place of self-value.

Relaxing With Women

You won’t learn how to flirt with women with any grace or success if all you can think of is that you have to get some woman home with you by the end of the night or the whole evening will be ruined.

Let the women decide what outcome they want, and in the meantime, create an enjoyable time for both them and yourself.

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After getting the basics down of how to flirt, how do you progress from there?
Once you have the basic hand movements, smile and eye contact down to a fine art you can start on your conversation skills. Learning how to flirt with your body is just the first step. The next step is turning ordinary conversation into something attractive and compelling.

It does take time and practice though. Beware of sleazy pick up lines because while they may be funny with friends, they do attract the wrong type of people and more often than not you will get rejected for them.

Men and women like to feel as if they are special. It is the job of the flirter to do that.

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