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How To Flirt With A Girl And Win Her Affections

By Jason Reed

It may be hard for a guy with raging hormones to believe, but when science asked the question, "What is flirting," the answer came back that it was not a mechanism designed to get girls quickly into bed.

Believe it or not, flirting was meant to do the opposite; to put up barriers stopping men and women from having sex right away. Flirting was meant to help find a compatible partner before risking pregnancy. If you’re wondering how to flirt with a girl, then this might be an answer you didn’t expect.

In figuring out how to be flirtatious with a girl; calm those hormones down. Yes, flirting is the way a future sexual encounter gets started, and in fact this mechanism is necessary for keeping the race going.

Start A Real Friendship Before Progressing To A Sexual Relationship

But humans have also evolved beyond the point of being just animals, and there’s much more to that girl you like. Teenage flirting tends to be goal-oriented, with sex as the goal.

But if you let go of that for the time being, you’ll be surprised at how good it is to have real friendships, and move into sexual relationships more slowly. This will really help you as you meet women in other contexts as you get older.

Dress To Impress The Girl

With that said, what about the art of flirting? How do you actually do it? First, present yourself as a person the girl will value. This includes taking care of your personal hygiene, as dressing in dirty clothing that smells will only attract girls who do not value themselves.

When you encounter the girl you like, try to build up your nerve, because she’ll sense your fear. Just go to her and open the conversation, asking about an assignment if you are still in school, or asking her advice if in the workplace.

Smile And Stay In Eye Contact

In learning how to flirt with a girl, stand tall and include her friends in the conversation if she’s in a group, but let her know with your eye contact and smile that she’s the one you’re interested in.

Knowing how to flirt with a girl means indicating interest but also remaining slightly aloof at first, to find out if she wants to pursue you as much as you want to pursue her. Don’t flirt physically at the beginning, but wait until you’ve talked a few times and you’re sure the girl would welcome a touch.

Keeping things casual while showing a genuine interest in her will help things to progress until you’re having prolonged conversations. The key is always to respect her, and make friendship your first goal. Eventually, if she’s the right person, a more physical relationship will develop naturally.

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When someone is learning how to flirt, how do you spot the signals in an interested man?
When you are learning how to flirt you do have to be aware of your own body language and that of the man’s. Men are different from women in how they flirt and how they respond to flirting. A man may read sexual innuendos into your innocent flirting when all you are interested in is conversation and getting to know him.

But there are some signs you can look for. The first sign is if he has turned his body to you and is talking to you. If he keeps turning away from you and speaking to other people while holding a conversation with you, he is not interested.

That is your cue to move on. If, however, he is actively engaged in the conversation and is making eye contact…he is interested in what you are presenting and saying. Watch for other subconscious clues such as fiddling with his belt. Yes, this is a sign of sexual interest but it is also a sign of flirting.

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