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Gifts For Retirement With Unique And Personalized Gift Ideas

By Natalie Glass

When you have a co-worker or friend who is getting ready to retire, you may start thinking about what would be a unique retiree gift. There are, of course, traditional gifts for retirement, given to every retiree at every retirement party.

If you don’t want to do the same old thing for your co-worker or friend, then consider some alternative ideas and review your options. Think about what your retiree is interested in and match your gift in that way. When you take into consideration their feelings, wants and wishes, you can’t help but give a gift that will be a hit.

Look around for gifts that are related to something that the gift recipient has a special interest in. For more expensive items, suggest your ideas to other co-workers to pool your resources.

Personalized Gifts Fit For A New Lifestyle

As well, the company will also give the retiring employee a gift, perhaps a watch, award or plaque, paperweight, ornament, key fob, flask, desk clock, luggage tags, mug or pen set, which are all very nice and adequate, but lets face it, they are all rather impersonal and generic and more than likely will not be displayed or used by the retiree.

Great gifts for retirement are anything that can be personalized and still fit into their lifestyle. There are a multitude of gift choices out there, and it is impossible to list them all here. However, here are a few unique ideas that are fun, memorable and sure to be used and appreciated by the recipient.

Enhancing The Home Bar

Wine bottle totes or carriers, bar signs for the home bar or game room and cut crystal glassware and decanter sets can add the finishing touches to any home bar or recreation room.

Other personalized retirement gifts can include an engraved guest book, sweat shirts, T-shirts, hats or a framed retirement poem. There are even gift baskets filled with all sorts of bath supplies, beer, wine and coffee.

Gifts From Colleagues Are Much More Appreciated

It is always best to look for gifts for retirement that the person can use and will enjoy, however thoughtful a gift you give may be. That is usually why people generally appreciate the gifts they receive from their co-workers over the gifts they receive from their company.

However, some companies do go above and beyond normal retiree gifts and give stocks and bonds, which is something everyone can appreciate, even if they are unfamiliar with trading.

Many companies give watches, retirement gift baskets, crystal decanter sets or even bigger ticket items like club memberships or timeshares in recognition of many years of service.

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More Retirement Gift Ideas....

Retiring from a job is a big deal to a lot of people. Chances are they have spent a great number of years in their chosen profession and are now looking forward to having time to spend with family and friends.

So what retirement gifts are best? It really does depend on the person. One person may like a day of adventure where they get to try skydiving. Another person may want to spend more time on the golf course. Selection is really key but any retirement gift is appreciated.

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