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Better Gift Ideas For All Occasions

By Natalie Glass

It’s easy to come up with gift ideas for the holidays, the birthdays, and the anniversaries in your life. What about gift ideas for the other events that commonly occur?

The graduations, a new baby, a long awaited divorce, a new house or apartment, the going-away parties, and the welcome-back parties are all opportunities to give presents. They are just as important as any nationally recognized holiday, so they should be treated accordingly.

Baby Registry

Welcoming a newborn to the family is always a happy time. Items the parents want or need are usually outlined in a baby registry they have applied for before the child’s birth. New parents usually want to have everything that has to do with giving the best care to their firstborn.

On the other hand, parents who have more experience believe that the great gift ideas are the basics for feeding and changing, such as diapers, blankets, bottles, and formula.

Financial Gifts

Gift ideas that both sets of parents can appreciate are gifts that involve their child’s financial future such as a savings bond or a savings account. A US savings bond can be purchased in denominations from $25 up to $10,000 with a maturity up to 30 years.

It is a gift that will mature right along with the child. If a child decides to attend college, he or she will have some money set aside to help pay for tuition. Alternatively, help pay for some college books for the student already in school.

Graduation Gift Ideas

As a new high school or college graduate, a young person goes on to take the next chapter of life. As graduation gift ideas, get a book or a poster with messages of hope for the future.

An idea is a set of leather bracelets embossed with inspirational life sayings. The graduate can take these bracelets along with when he or she is away at college or facing a line of job interviews and needs encouragement. You could also think about giving a money tree as a graduation gift, said to bring prosperity to those who own one.

Help To Upkeep The New Family Home

For friends or family members that have just purchased their first house, look for gift ideas that help maintain the upkeep of their home. Your can review other options for a gift basket or toolbox of items such as a tape measure, a hammer, screwdrivers, assorted nails, or some paintbrushes could really come in handy.

You could also think about purchasing small gardening tools, gloves and some seeds for maintenance outside the home. If you know their style, look into getting dinnerware or glassware that suits their tastes.

Written Memories In A Jar

Gift ideas for someone you know who may be moving to another state or country,could be anything that has to do with keepsakes or fond memories. These are always great gift ideas. Fill a beautiful glass jar with little strips of colored paper that has written memories the two of you have shared for the length of your friendship so far.

Roll these little strips up, and you can easily fill up a small vase. Tell your friend to take one out and read one whenever he or she is feeling lonely or out of place in a new living situation.

Any day can provide an opportunity to share a gift or gift ideas with a loved one. You can give a gift of love and appreciation any day of the year, and there is no reason to wait to show someone that you’re thankful the person is in your life.

Put some creativity into your ideas, and offer small gifts that show you care.

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