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Gender Roles For Teenagers

By Janine Jensenoris

Every parent will usually be willing to spout of the individual difficulties that they ran into while raising their kids. One thing that they all will have in common though, is how difficult it can be to teach young men what it means to be a man in the 21st century and how challenging it can be to teach a young woman how to function as an independent woman in the 21st century.

Our culture has redefined gender roles to such a striking degree in the last few generations that many parents find themselves struggling as they try to help their own kids carve out an identity.

Teenage girls are a section of society that many in the male population feel are in need of protection. They are thought of as a fragile group and, as such, are to be sheltered from the many things that can harm them.

Scaring Off Male Predators From Your Daughter

If you ask parents who have raised both genders, many of them will tell you that their son was allowed to drive at an earlier age than their daughter. Or they may tell you that their son was allowed to date at an earlier age, too.

This is not an unheard of, with standard gender roles in most homes. With females being thought of as "male prey," fathers typically feel it is their duty to scare off the predators from his kingdom.

Teenage girls are also thought of to be more emotional - or "drama queens" - when problems arise. They are typically the criers.

A Teenager With More Responsibilities

Teenage boys, on the other hand, tend to get more privileges than their teen counterparts. However, with these privileges often comes extra responsibility.

A teenage son may very well get to drive at an earlier age, but many times they must also accept the responsibility of working a job to pay the extra expenses that accompany driving a car.

More Independence For Boys

When dealing with emotions, boys tend to "move on" quicker in most cases. A fight with a friend might involve a quick physical brawl but the relationship typically stays intact following the altercation.

Boys are often granted more independence by their parents, but as a consequence, it is not abnormal for them to get into more trouble as a result of this new independence.

Teenagers Learn To Become Adults

The best thing you can do as you try to help your kids establish themselves is to keep in mind that they are individuals and continue to review your ideas, to improve their options.

They are more than just a gender role and, though that is an important stage of their development, you must remember that those gender roles will only serve to complement the adult that they become. They will not define them.

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