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Friendship Rings For Your Real Friends

By Jason Reed

Friendship rings are given to real friends. These are friends you may have known for years and are always there for support, just as you are there for them. You may even consider giving a friendship ring to a companion you have been dating for a long time and want to show appreciation for her company.

Giving her a ring may give hope that if the relationship continues, there may be an engagement ring. But for the time being you appreciate her company. She may have helped you through a traumatic period in your life and you show your appreciation with a friendship ring.

Friendship rings often avoid a design that may confuse them with an engagement ring or a wedding band, such as a solitary diamond or a plain gold band. These rings can also be homemade with craft beads or similar materials, as the meaning of the ring has little to do with its quality.

Friendship Rings Are Promise Rings

Friendship rings are a type of promise rings, signifying the commitment and love that is there between friends. These rings are also popularly known as promise rings silently saying that your friend is dear and close to your heart.

Friendship rings are a wonderful way to utilize the wearing of jewelry to signify one’s caring and devotion for another. These rings may have the significance of friendship between friends or love between members of a couple.

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I have three friends that I treasure. They are important to me in so many ways, and even though we don’t get to see each other very often, they are the ones that I trust with my thoughts, feelings, and my life.

They are always there for me, and I hope that everyone in the world has at least one friend they can count on. Though we can’t always be together, we know that we are there in spirit. This year for the holidays, I am going to present each one of them with friendship rings so that they can look at them each day and know that I am thinking of them.

Friendship Rings Do Not Have To Be Expensive

The best thing about friendship rings is that they can be anything you want them to be. They don’t have to be expensive and they don’t have to match if you don’t want them to.

The most important thing about friendship rings is that they have a true intention of love and friendship behind them. It’s not like an engagement ring that is traditionally a diamond. These can be anything, and you can find them almost anywhere you shop for jewelry.

Simple Bands Of Gold Or Silver

You may be more satisfied with your friendship rings if they match, however, but you shouldn’t have a hard time finding what you need. You can make them simple bands of gold or silver if you want too. You might also choose one color for your friendship rings, and that color can come in the form of a stone.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on them, just make sure they are not made of material that will deteriorate once they are worn. You know the ones I mean. They often turn the finger green or brown after just a few hours of wear.

Engraved With A Special Message

If you want to make your friendship rings extra special, you can have them engraved with a special message. It might just be a date, or it could be your names, or anything else that you think symbolizes your friendship. Some times no words are needed, and perhaps just the friendship rings alone will say everything that you cannot say with words.

Friendship that is really a part of you often goes beyond words anyway, and you may never find a word that is powerful enough. I have yet to find anything that does our circle of friends justice, and believe me, I’ve tried.

Show Your Appreciation Of Real Friends

You want to show your real friends you care about them, but you do not want to spend too much on expensive friendship rings. But, there are times when an expense is something that shows their friendship really means a lot. Any type of jewellery shows that your friendship is valuable.

Your friend may have helped you though a traumatic situation, where their help and advice helped you survive the situation. It may have been a messy break up of a relationship and you needed a shoulder of support. This friendship helped in a time of personal crisis and you did not need to feel you are all alone.

It is easy to show how much you appreciate your friends with friendship rings.

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