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Free Gift Cards Are Available Everywhere

By Natalie Glass

If you’re thinking about raising brand awareness, increasing foot traffic, generating new sales or increasing repeat business, then giving away free gift cards is a great idea.

It’s a fact that everyone likes to receive something for free from time to time and a free gift card might give that customer an excuse to walk through your doors to buy something.

If you have a present marketing and advertising campaign in the works, then it’s as easy as 1–2–3 to insert a free gift card with your mailings. You can even opt to hand them out directly to select customers. Most gift cards are inexpensive and you’ll be compensated in more ways than by just getting back the money spent.

Valuable marketing data on your customers is the great trade-off and you can obtain this by having them fill out a survey or comment sheet. It allows you to determine over time how your customers are spending their money, the items they prefer to spend money on and the types of sales that will make them want to visit again.

Free Gift Card To A Friend Or Family

On the other side of the coin, if you’re a consumer and thinking about giving a giftcard to a friend or family member, then there are tips you should know about. First, find out if there is a service charge attached because you’ll want to make sure the recipient knows of any expiration date.

Some free gift cards also have a dormancy fee attached. This goes into effect if the card isn’t used within a specific time period. Knowing whether the card is store-specific, such as a Target gift card or a Macys gift card, is also very important.

A giftcard has more value if it can be used at multiple locations or on the internet to make purchases. Using a Visa gift card is especially good for this feature.

Safely Sealed

For the obvious safety reason, it’s best to give a card that has been safely sealed. If the numbers are in plain view, then they can be stolen and used elsewhere. Finding a gift card is relatively easy these days and they can be purchased in places such as grocery stores, restaurants, movie theaters and even in restaurants.

It’s going to be a gift, so make sure you ask all the important questions before you give anyone free gift cards.

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More Romantic Gift Facts....

What is the difference between a gift card and those new prepaid credit cards?
A gift card is much like a gift certificate. It can only be used at specified stores. The new prepaid credit cards work exactly like a debit card except you do not have to have a bank account.

They work and are given in the same way as a gift card. Many people elect these types of gift cards because they can be used anywhere Visa, Mastercard or American Express is used.

Each of the prepaid gift cards are controlled by one of those companies. You load money onto the card and then the recipient can use them at any store accepting that type of credit card. They can even be used to buy items online.

The additional benefit is that many people elect to keep the card and reload it so they can have a credit card without any of the hassles of credit card payments and have to rely on having a bank account.



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