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Flirting With Women And Looking For Signs And Gestures

By Jason Reed

When flirting with women, one of the best ways to tell if you’re being successful or not is by watching the gestures they make. Certain things they do, whether it’s the way they sit, what they look at, what they do with their hands, and so on, can give you indications about what they’re really thinking.

When it comes to the flirting game, almost the only rule is that virtually nobody says what they actually mean. So reading body language becomes part of the game, like a puzzle you need to put together before you can see the whole picture.

You can learn to flirt by responding to a greater extent to the woman’s gestures than to her actual words, though of course you need to listen to what she’s saying as well.

Open And Closed Gestures

The types of gestures tend to be divided into open and closed, with the open gestures being encouraging and positive, and the closed gestures suggesting that she’s not interested and that you’d better get ready to move on.

Remember that in flirting with a woman, it almost never pays to ignore those closed gestures. You’ll want to be able to recognize the open ones.

Recognizing The Subtle Signs Of Encouragement

An example of open gestures would be when she leans toward you, or perhaps touches you, or even if her pupils dilate. The art of flirting involves recognizing these subtle signs of encouragement. Of course, a smile is the most encouraging thing of all.

But flirting with women also requires that you be on the lookout for the opposite of those encouraging signs, such as the moment when she leans back, as though to get away from you. Crossing her arms over her chest is another "closed" gesture, suggesting you make her nervous or that she just doesn’t like you. Be ready to make your exit.

Look For Subtle Clues

Flirting with women can sometimes be a guessing game, and yet you’re not left totally in the dark. The gestures and glances that women make can provide vital clues to how you’re being received. Learn to flirt according to the subtle clues they are giving you, and you will find yourself having a lot more success.

The women will feel like you’re reading their minds, and for some of them, this may be one more thing that intrigues them. And it will save you from wasting your time persisting with women who just aren’t interested.

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Oh, that winsome smile and that provocative flip of the hair. The hand on the belt and the sparkling eyes or the tiny twist of a smile that dances along the lips which leads a person to think you are interested or that you are interested in them. These are things that are so subtle that many people are clueless. But learning how to flirt is important.

It is a rite of passage that all young men and women must master if they want to attract the mate of their dreams. And even those that already have mates use flirtation to keep the interest and feelings alive. But do you know how to flirt? You may think that a quick come on line works but you are probably wrong.

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