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Flirting Tips And Reading Subtle Signals

By Jason Reed

The art of flirting may be a complete mystery to you. You’ve got a young lady in your sights, but what you’re supposed to do about it, is beyond figuring out. You suspect she might also be interested in you, but you aren’t sure how to tell.

It seems direct communication is out of the question, in this game between men and women. So you might welcome a few flirting tips and review your ideas, to help you understand the signals she might be sending.

The fact is, the art of flirting evolved so that subtle signals fly back and forth all the time, giving people clues about what’s really behind what they do and say. You’re probably reading a lot of them already, without even knowing it.

Being Aware Of Flirt Body Language

But certain tips about this mysterious physical language can give you an extra boost, so you’ll recognize when that woman is actually interested in you and when she’s giving you a friendly warning to make like a tree and leave.

There is a small dictionary of flirt body language that you need to become aware of. Much of it centers on the woman’s head and neck, giving you a few flirting tips about what’s easy to spot.

Reading The Physical Signals

For example, the neck is one of her erogenous zones, so if she touches it, she may be indicating interest. Another very strong sign is the slight nibble of her lower lip, as she gradually lets it slip through her teeth. Combine these with her tossing her hair or tilting her head as she smiles, and you can be virtually certain of her interest.

So is she flirting with you? Remember the flirting tips about the subtle physical signals she’s sending out. If they are giving you the "all clear," the chances are very good that you can make a casual approach and not be turned away.

Of course you still can’t just go barreling in, dragging her off by the hair like a cave man. Yet as she indicates her readiness with her subtle signals, you can start sending gentle but significant signals of your own.

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I know there is a difference in knowing how to flirt and how to be sleazy but what is the fine line?
Knowing how to flirt and being sleazy can sometimes get mixed. You may be giving off the right body language but saying inappropriate canned lines. Pick up lines only work in the movies. Sure, that line may be so old your grandfather and grandmother used it and it may get a laugh but you want the person to think you are being sincere.

A sleazy pick up line is not going to do that. Be genuine in your conversation and in your movements. Do not unbutton your shirt down to your navel and expose your body parts. That is crossing into sleaze town.

Try to keep the conversation at a simmer rather than boiling over with sexual innuendos. That is how you keep from being sleazy.

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