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Flirting Advice For Trustworthy Guys

By Jason Reed

The teenage flirting world can be a pretty tough place to navigate, especially for a guy who likes a special girl but doesn’t have the first clue about how to approach her.

If you’re that guy, then here’s the first and most important piece of flirting advice you’re ever going to get: treat a girl with real respect and she is much more likely to respond and start returning your interest. Treat a girl like dirt, and well, it’s your funeral.

In the art of flirting, another valuable piece of advice is to be yourself, and be sincere. If you’re going to put on some sort of act to impress the girl, like being all macho or smooth, or trying to seem like a jock, then that isn’t likely to be successful.

Building Up Trust With A Girl

Sure, it might get her interest at first but you can’t keep up the act forever, and once the real you starts coming out, she’ll know you were faking, and her respect for you will vanish like a vampire at daybreak.

Trust is a very big thing for girls, and they are interested in guys who are sincere. Flirting is not an art of deception, but the art of sincerely showing interest in the person.

Be An Attentive Listener And Respond To Her Questions

To flirt physically is not something you should do the first few times you approach the girl. Instead, just have a casual conversation, with regular eye contact. This means you listen to what she has to say.

Eye contact doesn’t mean staring, but means a few seconds at a time, so a connection is made. Good flirting advice suggests that you make physical contact only gradually, things like putting an occasional hand on her arm. The key to all of this is to let things move gradually and naturally.

If She Is Not Interested, Then Just Walk Away

But what if the girl just doesn’t seem interested? That’s when good flirting advice tells you to cut your losses. There will be other chances to learn to meet and attract women, so regard this as a learning experience.

If you feel you were too pushy or made a mistake, then you’ll do better next time. The one thing you should never do is treat this girl like she’s done you a great wrong. Be good-natured about the situation.

Your maturity now may already be attracting another girl who you haven’t even noticed yet.

About the Author: Jason Reed is an author of dating articles including Friendship Rings, Successful Online Dating, Search For People.

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What are some women how to flirt tips?
Ah, but how women can flirt and do it so innocently. If you are a woman and want to learn how to flirt you have to take some cues from men. The first is the eye contact. Make direct eye contact with your flirting recipient.

Then look away when you have caught their attention. Running your fingers through your hair, or playing with your hair gives the person the impression that you are interested in them. The next step is your body language. Most women naturally want to cross their legs. If you cross your legs away from your flirting partner then you seem closed off.

If you turn your body slightly in and lean in a little, this tells your interest that you are definitely into them and are open for more communication. Another flirtation sign is licking your lips. You may do this subconsciously because you are thinking about kissing that person.

It is a sign and one you need to master first at home otherwise you are going to give the appearance that you are just trying to get something off your lips.

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