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Flirt With Girls And Keep Them Wanting More

By Jason Reed

It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? You try to flirt with girls and don’t get anywhere at all, while other guys hardly seem to do a thing, yet the girls are just attracted like bees to nectar.

You’ve made sure to shower and wear clean clothes, and you don’t think your interests or hobbies are overly dorky, but the girls just don’t seem interested in your attentions. Maybe you need a few tips on how to flirt in ways that might get the girls interested and keep them that way. Anything to give you a fighting chance!

The first thing to remember when you are flirting is eye contact. No matter how shy you’re feeling, you need to maintain eye contact. How is she supposed to recognize both your interest and your value as a person if you metaphorically keep turning away?

Look At Her Lips When You Are Not Looking At Her Eyes

Make this contact frequently, for several seconds at a time. Look sometimes at her lips when you’re not looking at her eyes. And if you glance away and then glance back with a warm smile, already you’re learning how to flirt in a way that will make her feel valued.

Let your body language play a role in how you interact with a girl you like. Remember to face her directly, because facing your shoulders toward her is one indication of interest. Even having your feet pointing toward the girl assists with this.

Be Subtle With Your Touching And Movements

A slight lean toward her or even a light touch on her arm as you talk will add to the effect you want to create. When you flirt with girls, you need to be subtle yet unmistakable.

Don’t be too worried if you use some of these tips to flirt with girls and don’t get immediate results. After all, this is probably new to you, and you can’t expect to be perfect at it right away.

Leave Her Wanting More

You can only learn to flirt by doing it, so keep trying. Remember that less is more: just a few moments of interaction, and then a friendly, smiling good-bye can leave the girl wanting more.

If you allow yourself these small moments, you’ll build confidence, and soon both you and the girls will be enjoying yourselves whenever you talk.

About the Author: Jason Reed is an author of dating articles including Friendship Rings, Successful Online Dating, Search For People.

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What are some male how to flirt tips?
If you are a man and want to know how to flirt you first have to take a look at your own body language. An important tip when flirting is to use direct eye contact but not to hold the gaze for too long. Look at the person you are interested in and when you have caught their eye, move your gaze away.

Make sure your shoulders are squared and that you give the appearance of being open and honest. Hunched shoulders reek of self consciousness so you want to avoid those types of body movements. Make each movement fluidly and with control. This will allow your flirtation partner an opportunity to talk to you because you seem open to communication.

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