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Flirt With A Guy While Making Him Feel More Comfortable

By Fanny Gordon

Flirting for beginners can either be disastrous or very successful, depending on the advice you get ahead of time. Probably the best advice you’ll ever receive is that it’s better if you’re confident and natural, rather than trying to change yourself into someone you are not.

When you flirt with a guy, you should do it from a position of enjoying yourself and the experience. All you need to do is make a few advance preparations and remember a few tips.

Before you start flirting with a guy, you’ll need to feel full confidence in yourself. If you enjoy yourself as a person and recognize your own value, then you’ll come across to the guy as a confident person who would be very interesting to know.

Wear Something Comfortable

Teen flirting tips will tell you to dress in a flirty way, but remember that this doesn’t have to mean extremely short skirts or tops with plunging necklines. If you are uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, that’s going to show. You will be much sexier, not to mention more confident, in something you’re comfortable wearing.

If you are feeling confident, then it will be much easier to flirt with a guy. At that point, you can start doing things that make him feel comfortable too. This could include gestures like putting a hand on his arm as you talk.

Be Truthful With Your Compliments

Or you might pay him a compliment, but remember to make it a compliment about something you really do like about him or his accomplishments. He’ll be able to tell if you’re just inventing something. You don’t want the guy wondering, "Is her flirting really sincere, or is all of this fake?"

You can flirt physically, with touch, but you can also flirt more subliminally, with your very gestures and body attitudes. When you flirt with a guy, if you lean back rather than toward him, he may think you’re turned off.

Crossing your arms over your chest could also send a negative message. Be sure to use more open gestures, plus good eye contact and a smile, so he won’t be left in any doubt as to your interest.

About the Author:
Fanny Gordon is an author of dating articles including Online Dating For Women, Finding Mr Right.
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Is there a difference between a man and a woman knowing how to flirt?
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