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Flirt With A Girl And Tips To Connect For The First Time

By Jason Reed

Flirt with a girl and you may get a new friend. Especially if the girl is interested. You know the girl is interested, if she looks at you and smiles. Now, you look for a conversation starter. You want to avoid the dull and predictable lines and talk about something unique, but you want to keep it clean, as you do not want to upset her.

Your conversation starter will depend on your location. If you are all out on a group date and she has been introduced to you for the first time, then your path is made much easier. If she is at a party and seems to need some advice, then you can inquire if you can help. She may be looking for the buffet, the cocktail bar or even the ladies toilets.

All this time, when you are meeting a girl for the first time, you are flirting. You want to impress her and show how useful you can be to her.

Making A Good Impression On Your First Date

When I was growing up, I was in the unenviable position of being the best friend sort of guy. It wasn’t that I was unattractive. Everyone told me I was good looking, and I knew they were right about it. It wasn’t even that I wasn’t ready for relationships.

I was desperate to meet women and start dating. I think the real problem was that I did not know how to flirt with a girl. Even worse than that, I did not know how to tell if a girl was flirting with me.

Flirting With A Playful Silly Tone

I think I was the only one who took the advice “just be yourself” to heart. Most of my friends learned to flirt with girls early on. I think for them it was almost an instinctual thing. Without even thinking about it, they would take a playful silly tone when they were around girls they were attracted to.

For me, however, I had to think about it. I wasn’t even sure how to flirt with a girl, and could never tell when I was doing it. I think I must have given off the wrong signals to quite a few attractive girls. I must’ve really seemed like a guy who just wanted to be a good friend.

Watching Others Flirt With Girls

Some people just learn certain things slower than others. For some reason, I could not pick up how to flirt with a girl my own, so I needed to study it. For a while, I actually started going to bars with friends and watching them flirt with girls.

I stopped short of actually taking notes, but you can bet that I was describing everything that was happening to myself in my head. I was actually doing this for weeks before I ever tried to flirt with a girl myself.

Flirting Is Natural

When the time finally came, I was surprised by how natural it felt. The first time I actually set out to flirt with a girl, I ended up with a phone number. I called her the next day, and we went out. It was a lot of fun, and we ended up dating for a little while.

She wasn’t really the one for me, but she did help me to build my confidence. After that point, I was never worried about flirting with girls anymore. I knew how to do it, and I was meeting singles left and right. I guess it was just something that took me a little bit longer to figure out how to do.

Flirting With A Stranger

When you see a girl for the first time, you may notice she is alone, she is smiling and looking towards you. You want to start a conversation. You can look at her and see if there is anything you can talk to her about. Before you start the conversation, you can smile back. You may wonder what would be your opening line.

It may be about the movie, music, the drink in her hand, the clothes she is wearing. She may be wearing the same brand shirt that you like. There are many opening lines, but you do not want to be dull and predictable, but talking about safe subjects like designer clothes, may be the best conversation starter.

You may find out she is a designer herself and she could even tell you about the shops selling her clothes. You may even ask her to go together to the shop and try out some of her clothes.This could be your first date together.

You can start a relationship with a stranger just by making efforts to flirt with a girl.

About the Author: Jason Reed is an author of dating articles including Friendship Rings, Successful Online Dating, Search For People.

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