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Flirt Tips For Guys And Girls

By Jason Reed

Sometimes it looks like certain people were born knowing how to flirt. Yet for most people, it’s something they’ve learned, which should be encouraging for you if you’re stuck in class with some really intriguing guys or girls, and have no idea how to show them you’re interested.

What you could use are a few flirt tips to help you get the nerve to start a conversation. If you learn to do just a few important things, eventually flirting will come naturally to you too.

The first thing to remember about the art of flirting is to work with what you have, instead of pretending to be something or someone else. Once you’ve gotten someone’s attention, the way you’re going to keep it is by being who you are.

Need An Interest In Knowledge And Hobbies Of Other People

If you’ve got some interesting hobbies or have knowledge about interesting subjects, then this will make you more fascinating. But the most important flirting tips also include being interested in the other person’s knowledge and hobbies. Once you get talking, ask genuine questions and learn something.

Some of the best flirt tips are about body language. Both girls and guys have to give clear signals. Girls, if you’re really interested, keep your gestures open. For example, don’t stand with your arms across your chest, which signals guys to stay away.

Keeping Good Eye Contact Is A Positive Signal

Reading body language is important, and one of the clearest positive signals is good eye contact. Even if you’re shy, this is important. A couple of seconds at a time, before looking away slowly, and you’ve shown your interest, and when someone flirts with a smile, that’s icing on the cake.

Guys should always remember that flirt tips are meant to help them get acquainted, and not just "score." If they want to attract women as they get older, rather than turn them off, they should concentrate on developing relationships and not just hopping into bed. Girls, meanwhile, need to remember to ask the guy what he enjoys doing, and genuinely listen. This goes both ways, in fact.

Both men and women are more likely to stick around if there’s mutual respect between them. Learn to value other people’s interests and feelings while you share your own, and when you enter the post-school dating world, you’ll be ready for mature relationships.

About the Author: Jason Reed is an author of dating articles including Friendship Rings, Successful Online Dating, Search For People.

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Is it important to know how to flirt?
Believe it or not but it is incredibly important knowing how to flirt. Flirting is a skill that requires practice. Yes, there are some people that are natural flirts and some that have to learn how. But everyone needs to know how to flirt appropriately to draw in a partner.

The right flirting technique can speak volumes about your intent. It is the subtle fluttering of the eye. It is the slight up tilt of the corners of your mouth and it is your body language. Flirting is a skill that is used to acquire a mate and to keep that mate for years to come.

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