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Flirt Advice For Confident Teens

By Fanny Gordon

You may be a girl who everyone likes, but still need that extra push to help the guys notice you in a different way. Why not try a little flirting for beginners, to start changing their perception of you?

If you haven’t tried flirting before, then now is your chance to try to move out of the "just friends" category and show the guys that there’s a lot more to you than that. If you use just a few bits of simple flirt advice, you may find yourself changing your fortunes and people’s perceptions of you.

Be Friendly, Welcoming And Enthusiastic

The first piece of flirting advice you need is to stay confident. When someone flirts, it’s supposed to be fun, so don’t worry about anything beyond that. Be friendly and welcoming, not to mention enthusiastic. Keep things light, and whenever you’re talking to the guy, don’t let the topics get too heavy or sad.

Teenage flirting shouldn’t get really deep right away. Give the two of you a chance to get accustomed to each other first. And anyway, part of the excitement of flirting is that some things are left as mysteries, and only get revealed gradually.

Initiate The Conversation And Bring A Prop With You

So how do you get this business truly underway? First of all, some teen flirting tips suggest that you should initiate a conversation, and maybe help yourself by having a prop with you. You may wonder what on earth you need a prop for, but this could be a good conversation starter in itself.

You might carry an interesting book, perhaps, or wear a t-shirt with a picture or caption that’s bound to make the guy ask questions, or even bring your dog with you on a walk. The best flirt advice is to let things happen as naturally as possible.

If He Is Not Interested, Just Move On

Making the first move can be very confidence-inducing, but remember not to let your ego get too wound up in this process. If the guy just isn’t interested, then you don’t want to be so invested that you feel really bad. Possibly the most important flirt advice to remember is that this is no reflection on you as a person.

People’s tastes simply differ. But if you do your flirting in a confident, friendly way, then you’re likely at least to be casual friends. You can eventually move on and try your wiles on a new guy.

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When someone is learning how to flirt, how do you spot the signals in an interested woman?
Some people, men and women alike, can flirt and have no intentions with the person. But if you are learning how to flirt you still need to know when a woman is interested in you. You already know the signs that you should be giving out but now you need to know how to read her signs.

The first is just like a man’s: body language. If she is turned in to face you and is leaning in…she is interested. Watch for her to flick her hair or play with it. Also pay attention to what her eyes are doing.

If she is speaking to you but is constantly looking around the room then she is not that into you. She is scouting out other people and will probably be making an exit soon. So that is your cue to move on to someone more receptive.

Another big hint in an interested woman is her casually touching you. An interested woman will find a reason to touch your hand or your arm.

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