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Finding People At Social Events

By Jason Reed

Finding people is easy if you are alert and responsive when you attend social events. You may meet people you have not seen in years. You may even meet a woman that you really liked years ago, but she was already attached to someone else and you did not want to be a home wrecker. But now she is alone, looking for a man. Just at the same time as you are looking for a woman.

You should always remember, there are people who do not want to be found by you. They may have started a new life, owe you money, owe child support or any other reason. But there are people who do not mind talking to you, after not seeing or hearing from you for years.

You may have moved to a new town, you are on opposite coasts, so it is difficult to meet your old friends, but you may get an invite to a wedding and they will all be there. Social events like weddings and birthday parties are places where it is easier finding people, as they are all in one place.

Looking For Lost Friends

Though I hope most people you want to find in your life are lost friends that you really miss, there may come a time when that is not the case. It’s sad, but there are many who run away from people because they owe them large amounts of money, or because they are running away from responsibility.

If you need to be finding people for those reasons, you really have to be careful that you don’t alert them to your search, or they are going to run again. That can make it impossible to really catch up with them.

Reasons Some People Do Not Want To Be Found

One of the biggest reasons people go about finding people while keeping their search quiet is because someone owes child support and they won’t or refuse to pay. Though it is mostly known that men are the ones that do this, that is not always the case.

There are some women out there who run away from their families, never to be heard from again. They should also be paying child support to their family. In either case, the law is on your side, but most of the time, you may have to be the one trying to find them so that they can then be brought into court.

People Owing You Money

If someone owes you a lot of money, you may also want to find them. However, the law is not as much on your side as you may think. They really can not do anything to help you unless you have already sued them in court. Finding people running from debt is a bit easier than finding a missing parent, but it can take some doing.

Remember that finding people who do not want to be found can take a lot of time and money. You do have to consider this when you decide if it is worth the case or not. When it comes to children, it probably is worth it, but a debt may be better off forgotten - depending on the amount.

Finding People Online

Finding people without their knowledge is something that you may be able to do online. This is really easy if you happen to have their social security number, or any other identifying pieces of information like a birth date or state of birth. There are some great sites online that help you find finding people, so try them first.

If nothing comes up this way, you may have to find a private investigator to help you out. Just be sure to check them out and make sure you are not paying for services that you are not getting. They can be the most helpful in locating people who simply do not want to be found.

Meeting People You Have Not Seen For Years

But there may be people who do not mind talking to you after all these years. You may go to a funeral and you see all these people you have not seen in years and you decide to talk about old times and what you have done with your life. Then you can get their life story.

In this way you may meet an old flame, who is no longer married and is looking for a man, just at the same time as you are looking for a woman. This is a woman you know, even though you have not seen her in years, there may be a chance that there is a spark to light the flame.

By being alert and responsive at social events, you will have no trouble in finding people to make new friends or start new relationships.

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