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How To Find A Date

By Julia Barnes

When a person embarks on trying to find a date, one of two things will usually occur. They will either have a really bad first date and then become jaded towards dating again, or they will have a good first date.

That may seem a bit simplified but many people try to over dramatize the task of dating. Granted, it is not always easy trying to find love, but it can be done. If the bar scene is not your cup of tea, then perhaps finding a date online will be just the right venue for you.

Many Factors Working Against You

If you are looking to find a date in a nightclub, restaurant or a grocery store, you have many factors working against you. The first is the number of people you might possibly come into contact with.

The second is discovering, within the space of ten minutes, whether or not that person is single. Personal ads on a website give you the advantage of sheer numbers and knowing instantly whether or not the person is available, all with a scroll of the screen.

Dating personals will allow a person to find a date based on the criteria they select. Anyone can do a general search of personal ads, but most websites require that you register before you see details.

Free Online Dating

Is it free online dating? Not really, because most websites charge a fee in order for you to either review and search or send a message to the person you may be interested in knowing. The fees can range in price, so check out the fine print before giving them your credit card number.

Once you have registered, it is time to find a date. Narrow down your search by selecting the criteria you deem most important. Do you want a non-smoker? Do you want someone who loves children?

Be Honest About Who You Are

While you are searching, keep in mind that people are looking at your ad as well. Be honest about what you are looking for. There is no reason to waste your time or anyone else’s time, so honesty is the best policy when searching for a mate.

Okay, you have your personal ad up and running. You have narrowed down the field to a few eligible candidates. Now you have to send a message and begin communication. As an important safety reminder: never give out personal information to someone who is literally a stranger.

Be Cautious On A First Date

You may want to find a date, but you do not want to find a criminal or a stalker. If after a few messages are sent, you feel comfortable meeting the person, then set it up in a public place.

Make sure to let someone you know and trust, that you are meeting someone new and also let them know where the meeting will take place. This ensures your safety.

Online Dating Personals

The road to relationships is tough. Work, family and life obligations seem to come at us from every which way. There does not seem to be enough time to fit everything into a day or a week.

But thanks to online dating personals, it is now possible to come in contact with more people rather than trying to meet someone in a nightclub. You may not find a date immediately, but stick with it. You will find someone who is right for you.

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Being single or new to the dating scene is hard. How do I begin?
Congratulations on taking your first step by deciding that you are ready to get into the game of dating. Many people become apprehensive if they have recently ended a relationship, due to whatever circumstances, and are often unsure of where to begin.

In this day and age of unlimited communication ability, the whole dating scene can be confusing. The etiquette and customs have evolved over the last century.

The first step on the road to dating is to relax. Far too often people rush themselves into something they are not ready for. The key is to take it easy. Over eagerness can be detrimental and it might give off the perception of desperation.

You are not desperate. Forget the biological clock or what family and friends may be telling you. As long as you are an adult, take all the time you need to decide what you are looking for in a date. Or for that matter…you can date just for the fun of it.

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