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Family Reunion Planning With Traveling Tips And Ideas

By Haily Potts

What causes the most stress, as you begin to organize your family reunion? For some people, the stress in family reunion planning is organizing the menu, which includes the procuring of items (which can really rack up the bill), the juggling and jostling of multiple tasks in the kitchen, the messy clean up of food and dishes, and figuring out what everyone wants to drink.

If that’s the case, then why not try delegating different dishes to different people? Or you may want to host the event somewhere besides the home, such as at a banquet hall, a restaurant or a public park, for instance. Here are some other tips and ideas to help you organize a stress-free family reunion.

One way to eliminate the stress of family reunion planning is to delegate the task to a travel agent. That way, all you’ll be responsible for, are the invitations and guest list.

Deciding On The Best Location

There are many environments to consider, so before calling your agent, you’ll have to determine whether a beach resort, ranch, cruise line or campground family reunion location would be best.

Many places offer event planning assistance and special perks for family reunions, like free hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, bowling passes or upgraded rooms, for example. Deep cruise discounts are available for families and may cost as low as $50/day.

Taking A Family Cruise

If a family reunion cruise sounds like something for your surf-and-sand-loving family, then consider or , which are two cruise lines that are known for their family-friendly atmospheres. If your family would feel more at home horseback riding and sleeping in cabins, check out the Red Horse Mountain Ranch in Harrison, Idaho, where a one-week stay costs around $1,718.

Another way to evade the stress of planning a family reunion is to purchase reunion planning software. Family Reunion Organizer and Family Reunion Planner are two types of software to consider.

Building A Family Database

Not only will these programs walk you through the steps of how to review and organize a family reunion, but will also provide you with a database for keeping track of family members’ contact info and RSVPs, as well as lists for budgeting, assigning tasks, completing tasks and networking with service providing professionals.

Whether you’re planning an at-home get-together or a reunion vacation, you can visit or to order this inexpensive organizer software.

Finding Ideas In Books

There are also a number of books aimed at assisting you in your family reunion planning process. A book about family reunions can inspire you with reunion tips and ideas, and they can guide you with practical timelines and checklists.

Many of the books provide sections with detailed information, as well as areas where you can fill in your own details and record notes. A few books to check out include: The Family Reunion Planner by Donna Beasley, Family Reunion Planning Kit For Dummies by Cheryl Fall and The Family Reunion Handbook by Barbara E. Brown.

About the Author:
Haily Potts is a popular author of romance, travel and relationships articles including Romantic Anniversary Getaway.
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More Family Reunion Facts....

How often are family reunions planned?
The great thing about family reunions is that they can be planned whenever it is most convenient for all of the family members. If your family is spread out over a wide distance it may only be feasible to have a family reunion once a year or even every other year.

The bigger the family is, the harder it can be to bring everyone together. But you should not let distance or size intimidate you. With the right amount of preparation anyone can plan a fun family reunion that everyone will enjoy.

The key factor is making sure that everyone is informed well in advance so they can make travel arrangements and take time off from work. If your family is in the same region you may be able to have a family reunion or get together quite often.

Family time often takes a backseat to work and other obligations so it is quite easy to lose track of cousins, aunts, uncles and even grandparents. It should not be an emergency, funeral or wedding that brings everyone together.

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