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Family Relationships And The Ties That Bind

By Joachim Strauss

Family relationships can be helpful in times of crisis, when you need support to overcome social pressures.

You may be coming to the end of a relationship and you need a shoulder to cry on. Quite often, a sister, a brother or a cousin can be your real friend or soul mate, who will lend you support and help with calming the transition period. To help you start looking for another partner.

Your family members are people you grew up with and you know each other inside out. You know how each other hurts and what not to say in order to avoid any conflict.

Real Friends Outside Your Family

There are times when talking to family members about personal issues is rather difficult. This is the time when you need friends outside family relationships. I have found my best real friends and soul mates are people outside my direct family.

These are people who I only meet socially and are not part of my everyday life. That is, they are not my current partner, or work in the same office. This means when I meet them, we do not have any problems talking openly about any issue or topic we wish to raise or review. My real friends and soul mates, understand anything I say is always with an absence of malice. This is not the case with family relationships.

Strained Family Relationships

I don’t know what happened, but many of the family relationships that I used to rely on seem to be strained or non-existent. It’s nothing I have done, but it is something going on with the older generation in my family.

My grandparents are baffled at the interaction between their children, and they don’t understand why they go so long without speaking to each other.

This is especially sad since they literally live next door to each other. I hope it’s not genetic, because I really love my brothers. Perhaps when we get older we’ll be bitter and petty too.

Live Next Door

My mom has two sisters and one brother. She lives next door to her youngest sister, and next to her is their brother. The other sister lives a mile away, and seems to be more agreeable.

Perhaps it is best for family relationships if people are not right next to each other, I don’t really know. What I do know is that they barely speak, and they always seem to have some really good reason for why this is. Of course, their really good reason sounds like a bunch of petty bickering to me, and I just want to stay out of it.

Strained Family Relationships

I enjoy my aunts and uncles just fine, but I can’t stand to be around them when family relationships are strained. Christmas was horrible, as there seemed to be some nasty double meaning to everything anyone said, if you could get them in the same room at all.

I don’t know what happened. I used to love my family and all of the people in it. I still love them, but I do not like how they handle their family relationships. It’s absurd to me that they would fight over one tiny thing for years as if it were the end of the world.

Avoid Most Family Functions

Now, I just avoid most family functions. I have noticed that my grandparents do this too. They don’t want any part of the bickering either. They just go see everyone individually, and that has become my custom as well.

It’s really sad when the “kids” of the family seem to know more about family relationships than the people that supposedly showed them what family relationships are all about.

Perhaps they will mellow in old age, but for some reason, I can’t see it happening. Until then, it’s just not worth the aggravation to even try.

I have looked at family relationships among my friends and they don't seem to be as volatile as among our family. They don't seem to hold grudges or make any threats against other family members.

Real Friends And Soul Mates

I have discussed this among my real friends and a couple of my soul mates. They say their family are their solid rock when everything around them seems to flounder, their family and their real friends are always there to lend support.

There is always an elderly relative who is rather frail and we always gather around lending our family support. It is at these times, that we forget all the bickering and grudges and show the love for our family and show support by attending to our sick relatives.

In a time of crisis, you know when your family relationships are rock solid.

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