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Family Counselors Helping To Resolve Conflicts

By Janine Jensenoris

When a couple gets divorced, the children are almost always the losers in this scenario. While mom and dad go their separate ways and find a quick band-aid fix to their seemingly wretched situation, junior is crippled by the reality that his parents have decided that their welfare is more important than the child’s welfare and that the family itself is little more than a game piece in a self-absorbed quest for gratification.

More often than not, the powerlessness and despondency manifests itself as phobias, eating disorders, behavioral disorders, substance abuse, sexual activity, suicide, stuttering or acts of rebellion. The good news is that family counselors are available to minimize the trauma to both children and adults during times of upheaval or transition.

Helping Parents And Children Interact

In general, a family counselor is skilled in an area of psychotherapy that helps parents and children interact, communicate, resolve conflicts, deal with emotions, understand one another better and forgive.

Family therapy from licensed counselors can benefit families with marital problems, divorce, eating disorders, depression, substance abuse, work-related stress, credit problems, violence, parenting disagreements, grief or chronic health problems.

Weekly One Hour Sessions

Typically, families will attend weekly one-hour sessions with a family marriage counselor for a period of three to five months. However, if physical abuse, substance abuse or divorce is a factor, then the duration may be extended.

More specifically, family counselors propose solutions for a child who is acting out while also helping the parents to develop better child rearing skills.

Changing Parental Response To Bad Behaviour

For instance, a parent may respond to an obstinate child with passive-aggressiveness, which does not satisfy the child’s need for attention and guidance, thereby perpetuating the very behavior the parent wishes to correct.

Or perhaps a wife responds to her husband with sarcasm or cruelty, rather than outwardly expressing how and why she is feeling emotional.

Skilled Counselors Detect Patterns

Licensed professional counselors are skilled in detecting patterns and helping people to get what they want or need while communicating with one another. Sometimes feelings emerge during family and marriage therapy that individuals couldn’t quite put into words before, thus leading to revelation and recovery.

Family counselors focus on relationship building more than diagnosing individual disorders or illnesses. If one of the family members is a substance abuser or physical abuser, then he or she may be sent to abuse counselors as well. Or, if the couples are feuding bitterly following a separation, then they may require divorce assistance on top of group family therapy.

Sitting down together to review and resolve differences may not solve everything, but it is certainly a positive step toward ending destructive patterns that threaten to weaken your familial bonds.

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