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Emo Teens Are Expressing Themselves

By Janine Jensenoris

Fashion and trends change just as quickly as everything else in the world today. The cultures of emo teens and the world they live in is no different, and parents need to be on top of what goes on in these cultures.

One recent movement that has gained popularity is the Emo culture, and while some people may know ‘emo’ as being a new hip word, it’s good to know more about the following it’s created.

The term "emo" refers mainly to an attitude associated with a musical culture that is highly popular among many teens today. "Emo" is short for "emotional," but strong feelings of sadness, depression, and melodrama are the emotions that the term is used to describe.

Lyrics Describe The Trials Of Life And Love

It might be helpful to think of it as a sub-cultural trend, much like the grunge phase of the mid-1990s and the glam-rock phase during the late 1980s. Bands like Dashboard Confessional and Death Cab for Cutie epitomize the emotionally unstable view of the emo genre by focusing on lyrics that describe the trials of life and love.

But emo is more than a musical genre. The emo teens who subscribe to the emo genre of music and its ideals generally follow an emo fashion style, too. A good way to describe this fashion trend is "goth lite," as it typically follows the same ideal.

Dark Makeup And Black Eyeliner

This sub-culture of teens tends to appear well-worn while wearing dark makeup and black eyeliner. Males sport thick-rimmed black glasses, regardless of their need for prescriptive lenses.

Some members of this sub-culture also wear wristbands. Piercing parts of the body, namely the facial area, is also a trend among many of these teens. They not only pierce their ears, but they have expanded to piercing their nose, eyebrow, lip, and labret (the section between the bottom lip and the chin).

Cuttting With Several Cuts On The Skin

There is little danger associated with the emo culture. However, there are cases of many of these teens occasionally inflicting harm on their own bodies. Many times, this need is satisfied by "cutting" - using a razor blade to make several cuts in one’s skin.

This is usually done on a part of the body that will not cause permanent damage to the teen (i.e., the upper arm, upper leg) and is done as a "release" for frustrations and sadness. While a modest number of teens appear to take part in this trend, many of them adhere to the fashion ideals alone.

Understanding Your Emo Teenager As A Parent

The sub-culture called "emo" does not make teens this way, but rather attracts those who already have strong feelings of depression, hopelessness, and emotional instability. For them, emo is a way to label themselves to fit in with a community of those like them while maintaining their individuality.

While involvement in the Emo culture is of little cause for genuine concern, it can be helpful as a parent for you to take steps to understand and review what your teenager may be thinking about, and why.

As they try to carve an identity for themselves, it can be difficult for them to explain exactly why they feel a certain way. For this reason, it is important that parents do the best job that they can to stay informed about emo teens what their kids are involved with.

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