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Effective Parenting With Shared Responsibilities

By Janine Jensenoris

Our culture tends to try to lump parents into two categories: bad parents and good parents. But they do so with erroneous factors. A bad parent is not someone who looks poor or on social dependence programs.

They do not have to be living in trailers or feeding their children on welfare in order to be a bad parent. That is a fallacy and one that tends to be egregiously misinformed. The best household is one where effective parenting is implemented and followed under a regular basis.

First time parents find themselves facing a lot of unknowns and worst case scenarios. The mind has a tendency to run amuck with parenting books and magazines giving out the bad things that can happen.

Thinking About Solutions

They do this to prepare and give some knowledge about situations that other parents have faced. It does not mean that it will happen. It does not guarantee that it will not happen. It is just transference of information.

All battles need a thought out battle plan. It is not so much that raising children is a battle but there is a definite need for forethought about issues that will arise.

Friction Over Parenting Styles

The plan does not have to be rigid but it does need to address key factors in raising a child. If it is a two parent household, disputes over parenting styles can arise and cause internal strife.

Discipline is the number one cause of disputes among parents. Some parents firmly advocate its use, in limited amounts, whereas others believe that it is a hindrance to effective parenting because it teaches physical violence.

Building Up Resentment Over Parenting Responsibilities

This is a personal choice. There is not any concrete information on whether or not there are long term effects when spanking is utilized.

Parental involvement is another area for discontentment and conflict. If one parent is shouldering more than his or her share of the work, then resentment can build up. There is also a lack of bonding that occurs with the child.

Spreading The Workload More Evenly

There are factors that some parents cannot help such as the need for income. But fortunately there are ways around this that can help spread the work load out more evenly and allow for both parents to stay actively involved in their child’s life.

Effective parenting is not simply a choice about what a curfew is. It is a lifestyle that has to be maintained day in and day out. It is about giving structure and support in a way that allows all people involved to have an input and an ability to review options.

Look For More Than One Source Of Advice

Styles and means will vary from family to family. Not all families are two parent households so there are special considerations that should be kept in mind when reading parenting books and magazines. Most publications target twenty and thirty something married couples. Same sex partners, women over the age of 45 and single parents can often feel left out.

As a parent, advice is everywhere. The best advice is to have more than one source in case one piece does not work. Perhaps parenting is not a choice for everyone but those who do decide to be a parent need to do the best they possibly can to love and protect their children.

There will be days when it seems too hard but a short temper is no excuse for abuse or neglect. There is help out there for those good and bad times.

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