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Destructive Behaviors And Finding Solutions

By Janine Jensenoris

There is a serious concern about destructive behaviors running rampant throughout the teen culture in today’s society. As if parents do not have enough to worry about regarding the raising of their teen, a common practice that teens have adopted as of late is called " cutting."

The term refers to the act of slicing one’s skin, whether it is with a razor blade or any other resource readily available to the teen. While this act does provide the teen with a short-term feeling of euphoria, it also reaps many negative and long-term effects on the teen. With patience and understanding, a parent may be able to influence a teen’s impulse to do this to themselves.

Teenagers Dealing With Depression

Most teenagers deal with depression at some point in their emotional development. It can be difficult for them to deal with the challenges of responsibility that come with being an adult, and many have not yet been able to fully define who they are.

As parents, it can be difficult to discern whether your teen is just experiencing some regular emotional growing pains, or if they are really struggling with destructive behaviors, like cutting themselves. An open door of communication with your child is you best weapon against these destructive behaviors.

Seek Professional Help To Prevent A Deteriorating Situation

There are, however, effective methods that a parent can utilize to get help for their teen. Whether the teen is in fact cutting, or if they are severely depressed, professional help is the best method to prevent the situation from getting worse. It is a tricky discussion to approach the teen with, though.

Many teens may feel threatened or stigmatized by the suggestion to see a "shrink." They may also express resentment and anger towards the parent for suggesting that they are "crazy." But the burden of being hated for a short time far outweighs the impending burden if the problem is not solved.

Attempt To Avoid Serious And Irreversible Consequences

Therefore, it is important for the parent to display unmistakable love throughout the awkward ordeal. There is a strong chance that the teen’s attitude stems from normal adolescent moodiness, but sloughing it off as such could produce serious and irreversible results.

If you are able to convince your teen to accept professional therapy, as the parent, you should make every accommodation to make it work. People who agree to help, typically want to end their destructive behavior. Neither cutting nor depression should be taken lightly and, as such, the parent has an inherent responsibility to the well-being of their teen.

Seeking Help And Finding Information Online

There are numerous resources that a parent can use to review their options with their teen while in the process of seeking help with destructive behaviors. The process of therapy should be one that is worked on together rather than the teen working alone.

There are books that a parent can read in order to get a better understanding of the reasons why teens cut (i.e., Patricia McCormick’s Cut). In today’s world of technology, finding numerous forums, support groups, and mental health websites are only as far away as the fingertips.

With the many resources available to a parent, there really is no excuse for a parent to allow depression and/or cutting overtake their teen.

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