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Dear John Letter Hope You Never Receive

By Julia Styles

Dear John letter is a letter to break off a relationship. The writer of the letter cannot say to your face that everything is off and I do not wish to see you again. It may even be considered the action of a weak character.

The dear John letter may be worse than having a mutual friend come and tell you the relationship between you and your partner is over. At least you get to hear a voice and may even get some sympathy.

Just like the day I had to tell a male friend that his girlfriend did not want to see him anymore. He started to flirt with me and it was totally unexpected. I did not expect anything out of our friendship. We went out a couple of times, but I found him rather dull, so I did not return his calls anymore and never went out with him again.

I broke it off before it began. I did not even have to write a dear John letter as there was no real relationship there. I killed it off before it had a chance to grow into a long term relationship.

Hope You Never Get A Dear John Letter

You may have heard of a dear John letter, and you probably hope that you never get one. I don’t know exactly where the term originated, but I do know there have been movies and television shows with the name.

I’m sure it came from something long before that and there is even a female twist to the term. A man getting a letter from a sweetheart breaking off their relationship is often referred to as a dear John letter, and a letter from a man to a woman is called a dear Jane letter.

Neither is much fun to get, and some people call all of them, no matter who has sent it the dear John.

I Got A Dear Julia Letter

I once got a dear John letter of my own. It wasn’t even a letter. My letter came in the form of an email. You have to love technology right? The email was short and sweet and right to the point. Ok, so maybe sweet wasn’t the term I was looking for.

It came from my live in boyfriend of seven years. I thought perhaps if our relationship ended he would be nicer than to send a dear John, but I was wrong.

A Happy Ending

There is a happy ending to my story, as I married him a year later. The letter came when everything in his life was in turmoil and he thought perhaps it was all to do with me. Though it wasn’t, as he found out, I got the dear John letter anyway.

In the months that followed I tried to come to terms with my heartache and he came to terms with what he had done. We met up four months later and we were both different people.

Both Grew Up As A Result

You may say I am crazy to marry a man who had once sent me a dear John letter, but I was mature enough to see that in the end, it was the best thing that happened to either one of us. We both grew up as a result.

If you find yourself faced with a dear John letter, you might have a hard time explaining how painful it really is. In time, you will see it as a blessing whether you can work things out like we do, or if you go on to find new love.

In the end you have to remember that love that isn’t working can’t always be fixed, and the love of your life might be waiting around the next corner. If you are thinking of writing a dear John, please do yourself a favor and end it the right way.

It may seem like the easy way to get out of a heartbreaking scene, but you will never forgive yourself for it when all is said and done.

Writing Dear John Letters As A Teenager

When I was a teen, I had written a number of dear john letters to a series of boyfriends I had. I always seem to find faults in them. I thought things may work out and then they did not. I thought either my expectations are too high or I may be the problem myself.

I kept searching until I got to my current husband and he was perfect. Although he did send me the Dear John letter when there was a crisis in his life and he thought he might fix everything if I wasn't around. He soon realized I wasn't the problem when we sat down together and looked for solutions.

Instead of trying to work everything out by himself, we bounced ideas off each other and we came to solve all the problems.

It goes without saying, I have never received a dear John letter again.

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