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Dating Questions To Ask When Starting Out

By Julia Styles

Dating questions include a mixture of light and heavy questions. You do not want to frighten your date when you are out on your first date, but you may want to know if there is a possibility of a long term relationship, if you have similar politics and stable employment. You may also want to know if there is any potential for conflict in the relationship and consider how you will cope if there are any problems.

You may even ask about previous relationships, if you feel confident you will get an honest answer. This is one of the major problems when taking out someone on your first date. You want to be convinced they are telling you the truth.

As ninety percent of communication is visual, you need to be convinced your date has made an effort to impress you. If your date turns up unwashed, wearing dirty clothes and smelly, then you are already unconvinced about anything your date tells you.

Alternatively, if your date is dressed to impress by wearing clean clothes, looks neat, smells nice and is responsive to your needs, then you are on the way to a relaxing date.

Starting A Relationship With Better Dates

So many people waste their time on their first few dates. They may be having fun, but they may be setting themselves up to be in a relationship that should have never happened. When they do that, they stay together too long, and the break up is way more painful, but it is definitely inevitable.

That is often the result of not asking the right dating questions when they first go out with someone. The first dates are to get to know each other, but they are also to let you know if you have found someone with whom you are compatible in the long run. If not, why go on?

Asking Deep Dating Questions

You may want to ask someone what they do in their spare time, and what they like to watch on television as some of your early dating questions. Those are fine, and you should ask them, but they are not as deep as you need to go.

You may feel awkward asking more personal questions, but why would you want to be dating someone who has deep fundamental beliefs that are the total opposite of what you believe? In the long run, the relationship is going to fail because neither of you is going to want to change those. You may as well ask the right dating questions right off the bat.

Asking the tough dating questions can be daunting, and will make you both uncomfortable at first, but you will be surprised at how well the conversation will flow once the first few are on the table.

Asking About Long Term Relationships

You should ask about religious beliefs, what they want in a long term relationship, if that is even what they want, and how they see the next five or ten years of their lives going. You may find, through just those simple questions, whether you are both on the right track or if you are opposites with no hope of having anything that lasts and makes you both happy.

You can ask dating questions about the important things like children, job, and philosophies about many important and even controversial subjects. As important as these are, you don’t want to pound someone with them all at once. You have to ask them, but put some fun stuff in there as well.

That keeps the conversation relevant and productive, but fun and easy as well. You may have a hard time at first, but it does become easier in the long run. Even if your date twitches, they will find that these are dating questions that they want to ask as well.

Mixing The Light And The Heavy Dating Questions

Other questions you may ask are the lighter questions, like the type of car they drive and if they are looking to get a new car. Then you may discuss their politics, to see if they are similar views to yours. If one has extreme right wing views and the other extreme left wing views, then there may be a big risk that your relationship may not progress too far.

You may then talk about children from prior relationships. Many people these days, decide not to get married, but decide to have children. Once the relationship has ended, then the children are left confused with who is the parent. If one or both of you have children, you should bring up the children issue, so there is no confusion down the track.

Children in a relationship can be a wonderful aspect to a relationship and add colour to the life of a couple. Complications may arise when the children are from prior relationships. Sometimes the children themselves, do not like seeing a different partner in the house.

This is why many serious dating questions need to be asked when you are dating for the first time.

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