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Mysteries Of Dating

By Julia Barnes

There remains little real mystery to the art of dating, yet so many people find themselves at a loss as to how it should actually work. This is especially true if the person has not dated in a while or is newly single.

In all honesty, it can be enough to send anyone to a mental facility. The rules of the dating world have not changed much over the years but the styles have been revamped and can be confusing with the onset of technology.

Dating personals are a whole new way to look at finding a date. It has progressed from the local newspaper into the world of websites. There are literally hundreds of different websites that devote themselves entirely to helping people find each other.

Shape, size, race, sex or even hair color does not matter. If you think yahoo personals is the extent of such websites, your eyes are about to be pried open.

Personal Ads Online

It is not easy to find love. Personal ads are everywhere on the internet. But you have to be wise to the different types of sites used for adult dating purposes. It is a crazy world and it is remarkably easy to get in over your head without realizing it has happened.

Just remember that not everyone is who they appear to be in the personal ads. However, there are some tips that can help even the dating novice ease into the game.

Stop Thinking About Long Term Relationships

The most important tip for finding a date is to stop thinking about long term relationships. Nothing will make a potential date run away quicker than a suitor already planning out the next twenty years of their lives together.

Go into the date or first meeting as a window shopper. You are just looking, not scoping out the potential mother or father of your children. Dating should be about having fun and sorting through what is out there. How else are you going to narrow the field down?

Be Polite, Courteous And Tactful

Next up on the tip sheet is to be yourself. Okay, do not be your "exact" self. Think of it as being a more polite, courteous and tactful version of you. Chris Rock, the comedian, described it best when he said you should compare yourself to an Ambassador.

Put your best foot forward, so to speak. While on the subject of the best version of you, please do not talk about your ex’s, the belching contest you won at work or that you sleep with your teddy bear. Save that for date number 18.

Takes Time, Practice And Patience

Dating is an acquired art. It takes time, practice and an ongoing review of your dating tactics. There are bound to be horrible dates that you will want to immediately phone your friends to discuss. Do not let it get you down.

Not every date will turn into a long term relationship but it is not meant to be that way. If you do happen to meet the person of your dreams and the feeling is reciprocated, that is great. If it does not, there are always other dates out there just waiting for you.

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More Dating Facts....

Are there any other ways to find dates?
Yes, of course there are other ways to find dates other than using the internet. Once upon a time the internet did not exist and yet people still managed to date. Dating has been around for thousands of years.

It may not be as easy to surf through pictures and ads but it can have added benefits. These benefits could be a sense of empowerment over shyness or even tackling new hobbies in order to expand your dating pool.

Many people can attest that their partners were met in unusual places such as the grocery store, doctor’s office or even the park. It still requires that leap into the unknown but at least you know that if you met a man or woman at a dog park, chances are they like dogs.

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