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Conversation Starters To Break The Ice

By Janine Jensenoris

Conversation starters is when you can approach someone with a relevant question or an observation. If you get an answer with a smile, that means you have broken the ice.

For example, you may be looking for a partner and you see a pretty girl and you think she looks interesting. You notice she wears the same brand sun glasses that you like. You take your sunglasses out and look at her eyes and say, "Look I just noticed you wear the same brand sunglasses as me! Christian Dior is the best isn’t it?"

She has two options, she can smile and respond to your question, or she can ignore you.

Sun Is Shining Through The Door

If she responds with an answer to your question and then she asks you a question, things are brightening up. The sun is shining through the door and the door is open wide. The next step is to continue the conversation, as the period for conversation starters has passed successfully.

There are people who have difficulties in approaching people, to take the first step of conversation starters.

A Room Full Of Strangers

Are you one of those shy types that have a hard time in a room full of people because you can’t seem to think of anything to say? Do you find it difficult to walk up to someone you don’t know and get a conversation going? If so, you’re certainly not alone.

Conversation is an art that must be cultivated, just like a bed of flowers, in order to get good results. It’s not difficult, but it does take practice. Let’s look at a few ideas you can use for conversation starters at the next opportunity that presents.

Let’s say you’re in the grocery checkout, or at a bus stop. There’s a matronly lady, rather ordinary except for her eyeglasses, which are tinted purple in the top half, fading to a vivid pink in the lower half.

Flattery As A Conversation Starter

Now there’s a conversation starter waiting to happen. Instead of standing there, mutely staring, try this approach.

“Your glasses are so pretty! They’re very unusual. Where did you get them?” A perfect conversation starter, well suited for your practice.

The woman is bound to be flattered that not only did you notice, but you’ve complimented her on her good taste. She will undoubtedly respond in a friendly way.

Be A Good Observer And Listener

Even if you’re the shyest of people, being a good observer and listener is your key to breaking the ice with very simple conversation starters, to get the ball rolling.

Quiet people are often good observers and therein lies your opportunity. Look for signals from other people which declare their individuality. These signals may not be overt expressions and may indeed be subtle.

For example, at a party, you may spot an attractive man or woman with whom you’d like to strike up a conversation. Instead of focusing on how you look or agonizing over what they may think of you or a potential rebuff should you approach them, look to them for conversation starters.

Focus As A Conversation Starter

Perhaps that woman you’re dying to approach is wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a “Save the Whales” logo. There you go. Aha!

Another conversation starter. You just waltz over and begin with something like “Excuse me, I noticed your shirt – a friend of mine is really into environmental issues, but I don’t know a lot about the whales thing ...”. These types of conversation starters are sure to have the lady talking a blue streak in no time.

Focus On Their Interests

Just remember to focus on the other person and their interests rather than your own. Be a good listener and observer, and conversation starters will be a piece of cake!

You can give a good impression when you respond to what the other is telling you and continue the conversation with a question. That way you can exchange ideas and inform each other about your likes and dislikes and see if you are compatible.

Look Around And Look At The Person

As you review and practice being a conversation starter with a number of people, always look around, look at the person. See if there is anything you can use to start a conversation. It is easier with someone you know.

You can practice being a conversation starter with your friends and relatives and then progress to starting conversation with total strangers.

Once you have accomplished this step, then you are on the way to being a good conversation starter.

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