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Compatibility Test To Attract Better Dates

By Julia Styles

Compatibility test on dating sites are there to match you with prospective dates compatible to your needs. You may want someone in your age group, living in your town, no children and is not married. You can complete a compatibility test on a dating site to see if you are compatible with other dating prospects.

The advantage of looking for dates on a dating site, is you do not have to dress up when you are looking for a date online. You may have just arrived home from a long day at work and want to chat online with dating prospects. Many dating sites include chatting facilities on their websites. You can have a quick shower and wear your favourite pjs and chat online. You do not have to dress to impress, when you are chatting online.

Compatibility Test On Online Dating Site

If you are thinking about online dating, you may see that most want you to take a compatibility test to see who you should meet. Though there are some advantages to this, it may not be the most important thing. If you think about it, you probably know couples that seem compatible on paper, but do poorly in real life.

Along the same lines, you may know a very happy couple that should have never had a chance past the first date. That doesn’t mean you should not do these, but it does mean you shouldn’t put all your hopes on the outcome.

A Compatibility Test Can Help Narrow Down Your Target Group

The compatibility test can help you with basic matches when you start online dating, or even if you are using a dating service locally. It can narrow down your target group and weed out some that would just never work. Some of the good points about a compatibility test is that you can eliminate things that you already know are not acceptable to you.

You can clear things up like religion, type of relationship wanted, and things like children, work, and geography. Those are all very important, and it is good to get them out of the way right off the bat.

Watch Out For Dishonesty In The Answers

There are some times when a compatibility test can backfire, and that is what you have to watch for. The test may be fine, but some mess up when they take them. Instead of truly answering the questions, they may answer them as they hope someone else would like.

That means they are looking to impress someone rather than to fill out the compatibility test in the hopes of getting the best match. When this happens, and it happens often, matches are just not going to work. When taking one, be truthful or you may as well not take the test at all.

You May Find Your True Love

Go ahead and take the compatibility test. It may serve you very well in your search for someone with which you can fall in love. However, don’t be discouraged if your matches don’t seem much like matches. Don’t be afraid to look further than the matches any site offers to you based on your test for compatibility.

You may find someone outside of the matches that can truly change your life. Take advantage of them, but don’t let them be the last word in who you meet or even what you want in a possible mate.

Contacting Your Prospective Date

Once you are presented with a list of possible compatible dates, you may need to check with the rules of membership of the dating site, to confirm how you can contact your prospective date. Some sites allow for direct contact via email, other dating sites will get the dating prospect to contact you. These measures are there to protect you against people you do not want to meet, as there are many people visiting dating sites seeking to take advantage of vulnerable people.

Once you are able to contact your prospective date, you may ask some questions, to see if you really are compatible and if the answers on the compatibility test are true. Some of these tests may have been completed a long time ago and circumstances may have changed. For example, you may not like the idea of children from a previous relationship, but your prospective date may now have a young child.

You may find many other aspects of a prospective date very appealing, but one or two aspects unappealing. You want to ensure that the more interesting aspects dominate the relationship and may choose to ignore the negatives.

If the date does not work out, you can go back to the dating site and see if there any more compatible dates that have completed the compatibility test.

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