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Codependency In Relationships And Finding Solutions

By Janine Jensenoris

Codependency in relationships can be a serious issue confronting couples. This is especially serious when a member of the couple has a propensity for violence and other forms of abuse, including drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and taking drugs.

These issues need to be resolved quickly, to prevent more serious consequences of domestic violence and abuse, including serious injury and death.

Once a member of a relationship can see signs of codependency in a relationship, they should seek contact with support groups, professional counseling and therapy. These resources can help guide and resolve issues in a relationship.

One Spouse Enables Bad Behavior In Another

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a relationship, and codependency is a huge one. There is a difference between depending on someone, and enabling someone to live a lie. One of the most common definitions of codependency in relationships is when one spouse enables bad behavior in another.

For example, when one spouse exhibits signs of alcoholism, the other may enable them without realizing what they are doing. They may ignore what is going on, or do things to allow them to continue. This might mean making excuses for them, and even doing things like buying them alcohol.

In normal relationships, spouses sometimes help each other out. However, when there is codependency in relationships, this is something that gets in the way of the normal functions of life. Often, the help that one spouse feels they are giving, is actually hurting the other person.

Accepting Less Than Ideal Conditions In A Relationship

Enabling someone to drink or take drugs is not what is best, but getting someone to help may threaten the dynamic of the relationship, and that is too scary for some to deal with. Rather than risk change, or even losing that person, those in codependent relationships allow things to continue, even when those conditions are less than ideal.

Codependency in relationships does not have to be about drugs and alcohol. Some spouses can enable another spouse to continue with habits that are not for the best. When one depends on the other too much, it almost becomes more of a parent-child relationship, more than a marriage of two individuals.

This can be dangerous because the dependent partner will do anything they can to keep the marriage where they want it to be. That might mean putting up with abuse, or with a serial cheater. The other spouse becomes dependent on the enabler to make them feel that what they are doing is okay, even when deep down they know it is not.

Seek Out Therapy And Support To Assist You In Your Relationship

If you have any suspicions that you may be prone to codependency in relationships, there are probably reasons from your past that make you this way. You don’t have to go from one relationship that is codependent to another of the same kind.

Instead, seek out therapy and support to review your options. Both are available and both are very helpful. Therapy can help you understand why you seek codependent types of relationships, and what you can do for yourself that allows you to find much healthier ones in the future.

Staying Together For The Sake Of The Children

Getting out of a relationship can be quite difficult, especially if the couple are married and there are children involved. A lot of couples stay together for the sake of the children. Any form of domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse should not be tolerated for the sake of the children. Over time, there may be consequences for the children living with parents with these negative attributes. The children may start to become abusive and using drugs.

Action should be taken before matters escalate to such a dangerous level. This is where therapy and support groups can help. Meeting professional counselors and other couples that have recovered from similar situations can be very helpful in resolving relationship difficulties.

Once you know the options, you can either apply those solutions to heal your relationship. If irreconcilable differences are leading your relationship to a downward spiral, then you may look at dissolving the relationship. But you may try to heal the relationship first by contacting support groups and seeking professional counseling advice, to see if there are steps you can take to resolve conflict within your relationship.

Taking steps to healing a relationship may help erase codependency in relationships.

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